Thursday, December 10, 2009

Booflessness Day 3.1: The Nightmare Continues

Booflessness Day 3, again.

Dear Journal,

It's over. He's officially traded.

It's not like I'm thrilled with the team choice (Thanks a lot Bill Smith. Way to twist the knife ol' buddy).

Boston was third to last on my prioritized list of teams I made, as I contemplated where Boof might go. You can probably guess the two that fell lower on the list.

It's a FL spring training team, so there's that. But it's one of the teams that is impossible more-expensive-than-I-care-to-think-about to get decent tickets for their games ANYWHERE. So....not super helpful.

Even the newest item on my Christmas List.

It sucks, and I feel dirty.

But as Boof goes, so goes my nation.

At least sometimes.


Shop Boy said...

The people in the pink caps and $500-$1,000 seats atop the Monster will thank you for sharing your baseball boyfriend, kiddo.

Then they'll boo him out of town if he struggles. Sorry. For newbie Red Sox fans, unconditional love is a minute-to-minute thing.

Either way, see you at the Cask'n Flagon! We'll raise a toast to those who loved Fenway when the Sox were awful and the $2 bleacher seats were available only on game day. (It wasn't THAT long ago.)

And, of course, to Boof ...

Love this blog. Hope you'll visit mine (non-sports) sometime:

Or not. I know you're grieving.

-- A Red Sox/Rockies/Those Girls Fan Marooned in Baltimore

Sarah said...

I know you're right, Shop Boy.

I had hoped he would go someplace where they would love him like I love him (like Garrett Jones in Pittsburgh), and instead they sent him to the place most likely to yell mean things at him.

I think Bill Smith did that just to hurt me a little more.

Thanks for the kind wishes!

Mh said...

I am sorry I threw up in my mouth when I heard it was Boston. I was hoping for the Rays, twitter seems to have locked me again I am sorry

Jeremiah said...

Red Sox have the Target Field Home Opener! CROSS YOUR FINGERS! You may yet get the Boof.

Word: morbills... just what I need... morbills.

Sarah said...


Boof seems so happy reading your haiku!

Thanks for that.


I am still full of ennui.

Jessica said...

I understand your pain, as just last year I lost my boyfriend to the Red Sox too. However for the love of all that is holy, do not put that jersey on your body. Nothing good could come from it.

TwinsGoddess said...

I admit, I have a Mientkiewicz Red Sox T-shirt, which I only wear inside the house where no one will ever see it. I completely understand.