Thursday, December 10, 2009

Booflessness Day 3: Reminiscing

Day 3 of Booflessness

Dear Journal,

I am still sad.

But today I feel strong enough to remember some of the great times I had fan-girling Boof Bonser over the last four years. And it makes me smile.

Like how this is my favorite Boof Bonser autograph of all of my Boof Bonser autographs (and boy, there are a LOT of them):

And then I remember how awesome it was when Boof was signing said autograph, and he just sort of looked at it funny for a really really long time and it got a little awkward. It provided Those Girls with a lot of entertainment and giggles.

Good times.

But then I remember that I will never have funny awkward moments like that with Boof Bonser at Target Field. And then my heart hurts.

So then I go and watch haiku video to feel better. Because I still love Boof's most of all. (Although mine were also pretty dang good, if I do say so myself.)

So much fun. So much happiness.

But now it's all gone, and I am left in a black hole of Boofless despair.

I hope he's either traded or signs somewhere ASAP after he's released (please please please please to a team with Florida spring training) so that I can get a new jersey right away. I think that will make me feel better.


Anonymous said...

Boof traded to Boston. Well, the Red Sox have their ST complex in Fort Meyers, so you got your wish in that regard...


The Colonel said...

well he's with the Red Sox now so you can pop over to their complex the first day of spring training and tell him you still love him ;o)

While I don't understand your unconditional love for Boof (i do like him, I'm just ok with him not being a Twin anymore) I can't fault you for it. I take an insane amount of criticism for my unashamed high regard of Nick Punto. No matter how many times he pops out or makes a mistake because he was moving to fast he'll still be my favorite Twins player.

TwinsGoddess said...

I wrote the Boof haiku. I'm glad to know it's helping you through this difficult time. As a fan who took to her bed for a full day after a certain Venezuelan lefty was traded, you have my deepest sympathies.