Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We're a little cranky now, I'm not going to lie.

Those Girls would like to take a moment to officially declare our displeasure with the whole Brian Buscher situation. As many of you know, our favorite motto is "Um, We Like Brian Buscher, Actually." So, hearing the news today that the Twins have outrighted Brian to Rochester. Which means that he will become a minor league free agent shortly after the World Series ends.

It's kind of an understatement to say that we are unhappy with this development. And I am stubbornly disinterested in hearing any arguments about this being even a remotely good thing. The heart wants what it wants, dammit.

It's a dark day.

In other slighly happier news, Chase Utley is making history with the whole being really good at baseball thing during this World Series. I, obviously, credit his very public love of puppies for all of his professional success this off-season.

I hope his success leads more professional athletes to declare strong pro-puppy positions.

I would still like to see the Phillies squeak out a Series win, but last night I found myself feeling just a little bit disappointed that the stupid thing is going to last at least one more game. I'm sorry, but the Yankees and Phillies are extremely poor substitutes for Glee on the FOX Wednesday night line-up.


Anonymous said...

The puppy-lovin' Utley is holding a narrow winning margin in People Magazine's Sexiest Men of the World Series Poll, found here:


And I agree, I can't wait to watch Glee again!


Sarah said...

As I clicked that link, I said a silent prayer not to see Nick Swisher's face there.

I am also thankful to those who have voted thus far for keeping A-Rod dead last.

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