Monday, November 23, 2009

Mea Culpa + MVP Monday

I know, I know. Important interesting baseball-y things have been happening, and I have been woefully absent. Mea culpa.

If it helps, I have a good excuse. I'm participating in National Novel Writing Month this year, which requires you to write a 50,000 word (minimum) novel in the space of 30 short days in November. It's....demanding.

On the days when I write enough to stay on pace, I don't feel like writing anything else, up to and including scrawling my name on the credit card receipt for the take-out.

And on the days when I stubbornly do NOT write enough to stay on pace, I feel guilty if I even think about writing anything else.

There were a lot of those days last week, and I fell WAY behind. So, this weekend has been all about playing novelling catch-up. Between Saturday and Sunday, I wrote a pretty crazy 13,104 words. Which is a LOT.

But I'm all caught up, and I even tacked on an extra 39 words there at the end, just for good measure.

I may, or may not, be losing my mind.

I feel like my fingers are going to fall off, and yet, here I am. Baseball blogging away late on MVP Monday Eve. Because I want to just state publicly that if even one (ONE!) of the baseball writers casts one (ONE!) first place AL MVP vote for anyone but Joe Mauer (and by "anyone but Joe Mauer," I mostly mean "Derek F-Ing Jeter,") I am pretty certain that blood vessels in my facial region might actually burst in protest.

Anything but a unanimous vote for Joe is completely unacceptable to me. And I'm not even a crazy Mauer fangirl, so that should mean something.

And now to play baseball blogging catch-up too:

Though I was not particularly happy to say goodbye to our darling Go-Go, I am at least happy he's only going as far as Milwaukee. This is mostly selfish, because I live in Wisconsin and have unfettered access to Brewers games. In fact, I have always thought that the Twins should only be allowed to trade players I love to Milwaukee. It just makes good sense.

Also, while my expectations for JJ Hardy are being kept to a low Adam-Everett-Level to avoid disappointment, I am reasonably certain that JJ's AQ should keep him well within the safe zone on the patented Official Those Girls' Line of Baseball Acceptability.

So, there's that.


And to close, I just have a few Hot Stove requests for the Twins:

1) Try not to have anything else interesting happen until December 1st, when I can focus better. It's only another week. That's doable, I think.

2) When considering any further Non-Milwaukee trade options, please only trade players I really like to the following clubs: Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, or the Texas Rangers. Those are the teams I like to follow...mostly because their roster choices lean towards the adorable. And if we must trade any more players, I'd be happier if they went there.

I think those are pretty reasonable requests. Please and Thank you in advance.


luckie/sarah said...

You may not have Ian Kinsler.
You may not have CJ Wilson.
You might be able to get Garrett Jones from the Pirates--who do you want to punish on the Twins?
Y'all should push to get Evan Longoria. Locked into a contract and quite AQ worthy.
Repeat: you may not have Ian Kinsler.
Um, y'all can have Brandon McCarthy and Kevin Millwood for, say, Kevin Slowey and Jeff Manship. I think it's a good deal.

TD said...

I recently came across your blog and spent my ENTIRE weekend reading every. single. entry. And most of the comments.

I can honestly say: I heart you. I heart you all the down to the cockles.

In response to today's post, people who think Jeter and/or Teixeira deserve the MVP probably cheered for Sidious and Vader when the Death Star blew up Alderaan.

Miguel Cabrera gets to be Boba Fett. We all think he's pretty badass b/c he's really good at what he does, but nobody believes he'll come out on top. He's not exactly Evil Empire, but definitely not on the side of Good either.

Mauer is Indiana Jones. Way hotter and far less whiny than any of the Jedis, at least in my humble opinion. Plus he already has the geeky-adorable wire rim glasses. And just imagine him in a fedora wielding a bullwhip. :-)


Sarah said...

No worries, Sarah. I wouldn't dream of stealing Ian away.

Well....OK.....I might DREAM of it. But it wouldn't work out anyway. He wouldn't look half as dreamy in our uniforms.

Welcome TD! Yay for new friends! I already heart you right back. You had me at "Death Star."

Jessica said...

You are a very influential blogger. As soon as I heard about the JJ trade, I thought "Ooooh he's cute. Sarah will dig that one."