Monday, November 30, 2009


As I fell asleep last night, after putting the finishing touches on a month-long adventure in high speed novelling, I thought to myself, "Now something baseball-interesting can happen and I'll be ready for it."

I was ready for it when I woke up this morning. I was ready for some news. I was ready for some hot-stove action.

What I was NOT prepared for was an eyeful of Grady Sizemore's hot...stove... action?

OK, I got nothing.

One of the pictures I saw involved a cup of tea. Hot tea that may have been prepared on a stove. I thought there was a clever pun somewhere in there, but there's not. My bad.

Yup. Grady Sizemore had some naughty pics "stolen" from an ex-girlfriend's email account. And now the pictures are frolicking all over this little interweb of ours. Who could have known?

The MLB is reportedly taking action to remove the photos from their new online homes. They weren't fast enough for me, unfortunately. Let's just say I had to exfoliate twice to feel clean again.

Yes, Grady's Ladies, there IS a Santa Claus.

And although I am the opposite of a Grady Sizemore aficionado, I too will walk away from this incident happy. Because I already have a jump-start on a truly spectacular idea for next season's Grady Sizemore-mocking sign. It's going to be good. Trust me.


Sar said...

Ah! I saw those pictures last night, too (inadvertantly, I swear!) and I'm still feeling was just more information than I needed about Grady. (love your blog btw; don't think I've commented before but I needed someone to commiserate with)

Sarah said...

The pictures are EVERYWHERE. I was looking for news articles about the scandal, and BAM hot cuppa tea!

Jeremiah said...

From the way it sounds. Sizemore isn't just his last name, but also a request to God?

Sarah said...

Yup. It IS kind of a small mug. I'll leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

thank you for this.... probably the best Off Season News of the year!


Sarah said...

I knew you'd enjoy that tammy!

Any hopes you'll find a sneaky way to get around your Grady Sizemore Wikipedia ban?