Sunday, October 11, 2009


It was 3 (well, 4, really) more games of baseball than we expected. So there's THAT.

But I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Twins baseball just yet anyway.



Katie said...

I couldn't agree with that picture more!

Jeremiah said...

Exactly... I kinda feel like the end of the original Dr. Seuss's "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" We did it without Morneau... We did it without Crede... We did it without Slowey, Boof and Neshek! But the post-season came... it came just the same.
Unfortunately, the Yankees get those really weird calls that nobody else gets. The strikezone that seems to be tailored to each individual batter.
But the Twins played extremely good baseball, it's just their mistakes lost the ball games.
Still can't wait for next year.

Word: Traph
What happens when Nick Punto runs past third base and realizes he shouldn't have headed for home... he's been traph (stupid typo h in text message)

The Scruffy Rube said...

I will hug that puppy, but only if that puppy hugs me back and makes the bad men from New York go away.

[single tear rolls down cheek in a combination of puppy love and yankee hate]

P.s. Is it just me or are we resembling the Brooklyn Dodgers more and more--always the unwanted interloper in the more glamorous Yankees/Red Sox world, always playing tough and gritty with classy fans and always saying "wait 'til next year." Well...even if we aren't...just wait 'til next year.