Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Holy Crap on a Cracker.

First off, I would like to offer some condolences to Jim Leyland, the Tigers and their fans. Because I think we all remember how last year felt for us. It felt like horse-pucky. Sorry it came down to that guys. Nothing personal.

But damn, that was an awesome night.

And all of my happy dancing shouting and whatnot was not at all focused on gloating at the Tigers. That's bad karma. It was 100% celebration of our boys winning the AL Central against all odds and expectations.

I think they made that Top 100 Metrodome Moments list too early. Because last night has to rank up there. Top 15 at least.

And going against the odds and expectations was certainly the theme of the evening. If anyone had told me the game would come down to Bobby Keppel and Alexi Casilla, I would have giggled a little bit.

And win it they did. And I giggled a little bit about it.

The on-field and clubhouse celebrations are always the best part. Carlos Gomez's happiness is infectious. And the Rauch/Gardenhire man-hug is possibly one of my favorite visuals of the whole season so far.

But like the Twins, we can't focus too long on winning the Central, because we have to start looking to the Bronx without much of a breather.

For the remainder of the Twins' post-season, I am removing the word "realistically" from my vocabulary and my consciousness. It's an ugly word, and nothing I am ever interested in hearing follows it. It is the opposite of warm and fuzzy. It is cold and prickly. Who needs it?

So, whimsically, at this point I think folks are silly to write this team off right away. Because, clearly there is magic at work and it's crazy to deny it.

But I hope the Yankees fans keep writing them off, because historically, the Twins always perform at their absolute best with zero external expectations.

Yes, the 0-7 season series record against the Evil Empire is a more than daunting statistic. But THIS is not the same team who played the Yanks earlier this year. There's a certain mental toughness the team is playing with right now that we haven't seen in while. I swear Michael Cuddyer is willing the ball to go where he wants with just the power of his mind right now. And we've never seen THIS Delmon Young since he came to Minnesota. And the fact that Bobby Keppel got out of that bases loaded jam last night had supernatural mystical forces written ALL over it.

To quote Cuddy's clubhouse speech: "Let's drink it up and go get the Yankees!"


El BrendaƱo said...

are you saying michael cuddyer is a jedi? if so, i would have to agree.

francie said...

yeah, i was happy for you all. your boys have given me and trudi hope that one day soon our boys can experience the same division winning celebration!

but i will admit, i stopped watching the game after the top of the 12 cuz it looked like it was going to go forever and sleep was calling my name. but i'm locked and ready to cheer on your twins. even us national leaguers hate the yankees - expect for nick swisher. . . how can anyone hate nick swisher and his back end?!

Sarah said...

Yes, I believe Jedi mind tricks may be involved.

Anonymous said...

So I have a subscription to Time magazine, and I bring my magazines on my bus rides downtown to work.

Since I was going to the Dome last night straight from work, I had the latest issue with me at the Dome last night. Ironically, this is a link to what is on the cover:,16641,20091005,00.html

So... of course, I showed my friends and the people around me that Detroit's problems are cover news in the mainstream media. Then after the game I saw some Tiger fans in the concourse.

On a dare, I pulled out the magazine and showed it to them saying something like, "the press has already predicted this..."

I then turned to my friend and said, "that is the most dick-ish thing I have ever done."

And yet... I still don't feel bad about it!