Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Curious Case of Jose Mijares

Those Girls are thoroughly enjoying our last weekend at the Dome.

We ALWAYS enjoy the last weekend home series, but obviously, this one is special.

More than special, actually. After today, I'm willing to go ahead and call it magic.

I think we were all a little wary of going into a matchup against Greinke, but I knew it was going to be a great day as soon as we got into the Dome. Magic started right away. I got a batting practice ball and Boof was back in town, shagging balls in his customary spot in the outfield. Honestly, I kind of chalked the day into my own personal win column before the first pitch was thrown. Boof is my favorite, and having him back (sort of) finally made the season seem right to me. Better late than never. Clearly this is what threw my season off. Not finding a suitable temporary replacement baseball boyfriend really forced me to get my needs met with other teams this season, and that's just not right.

Anyway, I'm much better now.

And the game was pretty awesome too.

I have spent much of the last few weeks saying things like "this is NOT the AL Central of 2006" in spite of the Tigers/Twins scoreboard watching grudgematch. But I will admit that now I'm having a touch of Deja Vu. It definitely feels like we are replaying that last game scenario of '06. A promising but green and inconsistent young pitcher gets passed over for an equally inconsistent but much older pitcher when the final game of the season rurns out to actually mean something afterall. Except the role of Scotty Baker will now be played by Brian Duensing, and the role of Carlos Silva will now be played by Carl Pavano. And that's not me complaining (in spite of my well-documented dislike and distrust of one former Mr. Milano), I mean, that day turned out pretty well.

However tomorrow turns out, all of the players on our team now have at least experienced what a playoff atmosphere at the Dome is like anyway. Today's supersized crowd was loud and pround, and tomorrow it's going to be even crazier. Plus there will be Homer Hankies!

I do feel a little bad about needing to beat up on the Royals though. I get the same feeling as I do when I visit the dog shelter and can't bring all the poor homeless puppies home with me. I hope the Royals know it's not personal. Especially Billy Butler and Zack Greinke. I had to shelve my Butler/Greinke love for the weekend....but I promise that once this is over, things will go back to normal.

Of course, to top off the evening, Jen from Lipgloss & Baseball and I wound up walking right behind Jose Mijares at the Mall of America. Now, of all the players we could randomly stumble upon, Jose Mijares wouldn't be my FIRST choice....especially today. But hey, it is what it is. And it did lead to an awesome Those Girls phone conversation:

Me, whispering: Guess what I'm doing right now!
Casey: What!?
Me: Walking behind Jose Mijares at the Mall of America!
Casey: Have you gone up to him and blurted out something random and embarrassing yet?
Me: um...No....
Casey: That's weird. And very unlike you.

I didn't bother Jose Mijares though. But there was this weird awkward part where for some reason we all kept walking back and forth around each other, like 5 times because apparently none of us in either party knew where we were going. In hindsight, I clearly should have broken up the awkward cycle with a friendly offer of a fist bump.

Mostly just because I think that would have been the most amusing conclusion to the anecdote.

"And then I fist bumped Jose Mijares. The End."


Heidi said...

Jose Mijares at the MOA... that's as good as my riding the train in Chicago former Bears qb Kyle Orton story.

Jeremiah said...

Today is when the Homer Hankies are gonna be there? They should have brought them in all weekend! Unless they are your personal ones, which, in that case, rock on. My buddy and I made that comment yesterday.

I think the magic helmet needed a bit of help yesterday, I will attribute that help to You and Boof. I'm not sure if it was your magic that got to Grienke or mine, but after Mijares, by our powers combined, we found the Captain Planet of the Twins in Michael Cuddyer!

Incidently, John Rausch is now nicknamed Paul Bunyon since he is MASSIVE above and beyond all active players in MLB right now.

linda said...

I feel that same bit of guilt about beating on the Royals, but hope we do it again today. I usually cheer for them IF we are not playing them.

SARAH said...

I still think you girls should've given him a hug. :) Have fun at the game today!