Monday, October 26, 2009


A year ago the Phillies were the villains, stealing a shiny ring away from our beloved Jason Bartlett and his heartwarming Tampa Bay Rays teammates.

This year the Phillies are the closest thing we have to white hatted good guys.

And looking at these CNN poll results this morning:

It looks like a lot of people are subscribing to the ABTY baseball philosophy this year. Anyone But The Yankees. [The other 36% is made up of real Yankees fans, random d-bags, and professional sports journalists. --AND Wolverine, apparently. Say it ain't so!]

Except for Metsgrrl, who I believe is subscribing to her "let's hope a meteor hits the stadium" philosophy. That is also a valid life choice.

I don't think my interest in this match-up is going to ever rise above "Maybe I'll check the score online purely out of morbid curiosity." So...the part of the year where I stop watching baseball and start counting the days til pitchers and catchers report begins a little bit early this year.


Anonymous said...

I gotta agree with the blog comments to the Marvel Universe article. It makes way more sense for Wolverine to be into hockey than baseball. Period.

I have also made the hockey/baseball switch for the year. Screw this post season, but Go Phillies anyway.


Sarah said...

Yes, he would totally be more into hockey.

Cyclops would be a baseball fan though.

Anonymous said...

heart worming!! or heart warming??

word verification "grabled"
that's what happened then! the words got "grabled"

(I STILL miss Jason. *sigh*)
Go Phillies!


PatGLex said...

I'm hoping for a Phillies victory, but I too won't bother watching. Nothing to see here, move on. :-) And I'm moving on to hockey and basketball. (At least the college team here is having a good year so far and may actually make the national tournament this if I can only manage to snag a jersey...)

Roger said...

I have to agree with you, Sarah. I would rather have seen the Angels against the Phillies but have to pull for the Phils now. ABTY and their smug arrogance!

Roger said...

Oh! And I don't plan on watching either. Better things to do this read Ulysses.

Anonymous said...

But if you don't watch the WS you won't get to see more random, pointless shots of Kate Hudson any time A-Rod blinks.

Ugh, now I'm having flashbacks of his HR off Nathan!

Is it March yet?

Anonymous said...

The Beast strikes me as a baseball fan as well.


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