Thursday, September 24, 2009

No, I am not dead.

To the concerned folks who've emailed me, and those that have commented here, thanks....and I'm fine. I'm not dead... or maimed, even. And the other day, my mother even admonished me for neglecting this blog. That's when I know things are BAD.

I just don't really have anything amusing to say right now.

While a pennant race is always fun, and I obviously hope we win the division--just because it's kind of fun sticking it to Detroit and Chicago--I can't really get too excited about a possible playoff berth in any sort of dimension of reality.

I'm just having an off season as a superfan. To use lame relationship cliches as metaphors, I will always love the Twins, but this season I am just not IN love with them.'s not you, it's me...if that helps any.

And if I've learned one thing, it's that when it comes to this blog, if I can't say something amusing or enthusiastic, I just shouldn't say anything at all.

I'm looking forward to spending the last weekend of the regular season at the Metrodome though, partaking in obsessive compulsive superstitious baseball habits I've developed and perfected over the past 20-odd years for the last time. I guess I will start fresh next season with new idiosyncrasies. Or not. We'll see.


Kristina said...

Blergh I understand... I feel the exact same way...I could blame my stats and accounting classes for ripping all creative thought from my brain, but my motivation had sort of gone before then. Luckily my co-blogger has been holding down the fort.

Jessica said...

Glad to hear that you're okay. Let's blame Nick Swisher and the Yankees. Last season was way more fun when they were out of the picture.

linda said...

I think the parade of pitchers
has made it harder to be as enthused. We watch and say "Who is THAT?"
I do miss a few of the fun bloggers who seem to dormant right now.
It doesn't have the be that clever!

Roger said...

I sympathize. As big a series as this one is with the Tigers starting tonight, I'm watching "The National Parks" on PBS instead of listening to the games. I figure they will do better without me.

PatGLex said...

Understandable. As Linda mentioned, it's hard when you've never heard of the pitcher before. Here's hoping Liriano will be fully recovered from his surery next season and be the dominant starter he once was. (I've read multiple places that it takes 2 years to realistically recover.) And yeah, the prospect of facing the Yankees -- again -- in the ALCS kind of dimmed my interest, since we just can't seem to get over our irrational fear of them. (Kind of like my local U of Kentucky football team facing Florida -- intimdation to the max.) I'll be rooting for ANYONE playing the Yankees in the playoffs.