Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beating the odds

No Morneau OR Kubel.

Brendan Harris batting clean up.

Pavano/Humber/Crain on the mound, all of whom require you to bust out a second hand (and in Humber's case, a foot) if you want to count up their ERA's on your fingers.

We let Texas steal approximately 73 bases.

And we still won.

THAT's the sort of game we've all been missing. I hope everyone enjoyed it!

I particularly like Good-At-Baseball-Delmon-Young. I know, I know....Mauer Mauer blah blah blah. Yes, he's good. He's really good. But sometimes it's fun to let Delmon Young be the hero too. I like a good redemption story. And I like to feel good happy warm fuzzy feelings about Delmon Young because he gets left out a lot, and I feel sad for him. I mean, I'd take Jason Bartlett back for him in a heartbeat, but aside from that, I feel sad for him. [And honestly, I'd take Jason Bartlett back in trade for a couple family members Delmon shouldn't take that too personally.]

As for Texas, I like that Borbon kid. I really like him. How fun to watch is he?! Maybe that's why we let him steal 3 bases. Maybe Joe Mauer and Carl Pavano were just dazzled by his awesomeness and stunned into inaction.

And I feel bad that Texas dropped back down to tie with the BoSox for the wild card. I'm not really sad that we won....I mean, throw us a bone, you know? But I'm mostly sad that Boston won. I really want to see the Rangers in the playoffs.

I would really like the Twins to win again today, so I'm going to concentrate on jinxing the Red Sox. If there was a way to make a loss count double for them, that would be cool.


k-bro said...

I liked that Borbon kid too. He was everything I wanted Go-Go to be.

David said...

Want to see Texas in the playoffs? What about Bartlett & the Devil Rays? You'll trade family members for the guy, but you want him sitting home in October? We're only three back.

Sarah said...

I have to spread the love around. Ideally, I'd love to see both the Rays and Rangers in. So one or both of them need to step it up and win their division.

On Twitter, I publicly declared the Rays/Rangers Sunday Night Baseball match up a while ago the Most Adorable Non-Twins Match-up Ever. Let's take it to the post season.

Mike in SD said...

I thought the Nippon Ham Fighters team coming down with Swine flu was a bit ironic, but then the Minnesota Twins took the field ALL DRESSED ALIKE!