Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another upside

I forgot another silver lining to having an overall godawful season....

Winning two games (in a ROW, even!) feels like winning the the World Series.

I think we should have a parade! With firetrucks and candy tossing and everything!

Good job, boys!

I didn't do a very good job jinxing the Red Sox though. So, I'm sorry Texas Rangers. Here's a picture of a bunny to cheer you up:

And for the folks googling "Garrett Jones T-shirt" (My, there are a lot of you! Yay!), I have one, but I had to order it from the Pirates' store, here. When you go to "customize" you can pick Garrett's name and no. from the drop-down. With shipping, probably the most expensive t-shirt I own. Totally worth it.


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

your fancy Garrett Jones "professionally made tshirt" will never be better than one that is made with duct tape. I am just saying...


Sarah said...

I know :(

We should have asked the helpful Hilton desk attendant where we could buy some tape. Dammit.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

You know he would have found it for us too...they had everything!!! Can we go back yet? I love my old timey pirates tshirt. I need more.

I wanna go back. We need to start a list of other non-Steak and Leeeewb places to visit.