Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Well, Gomez was great....

I would love to forget last night ever happened.

BUT....then I'd have to also forget about that miraculous Gomez catch. And not watch the clip of it 27,489 times.

That's not really a deal I'm willing to make.

So I guess I will not be able to eternal-sunshine the images of that loss out of my brain just yet.

Maybe today will be better. Maybe?

In non-baseball popculture related news, I have developed a surprising addiction to the new tv show Make It Or Break It. I was hopelessly hooked from episode two, when the main characters warded off would-be attackers (a comically bad-acting crew of hoodlums drinking 40s out of paper bags) with gymnastic fighting. Yes. A gymnastics fight. It was awesome. Cheesy and wonderful. I highly recommend it.


Betsy said...

i like that show too! at first i thought it was one of their made for tv movies, but i like that it's a series!

see if you had the game eternal sunshined out of your mind, you could have the memory of Go-Gomez's catch kept in there! :)

Anonymous said...

thank gawd for Gomez's catch! I had just finished shouting to A-Rod that his "entire life was based on lies."

If he would have homered off that remark, I'd look pretty silly!


Jeremiah said...

Sorry, my magic helmet has limitations... apparently they are no-hitters, sleeveless jerseys, country night and perhaps the yankees... The Yankees might just be too evil for the helmet. Although, it did make a valiant effort by Mauer nearly getting the cycle (just being a triple short), getting up just enough times to get the PAs he needed to be the official league batting leader, and making Punto look awesome. However... Brendan Harris made no less than 4 mistakes tonight. Only one was an error, but his bad defense allowed at least 2 runs.