Monday, July 27, 2009

Stupid Trade Deadline.

I hate Trade Deadline Week.

I really do.

I always feel conflicted. On one hand, I would love to get the feeling that the Front Office has some fight in them and is willing to make a big move to go all the way, and various other sports cliches (sorry K-bro). On the other hand, ugly realism rears its head, and I have to consider that a new infielder or relief pitcher isn't going to be the one thing that gets us into October. Especially considering the liklihood that Slowey is done for the season.

I was all about the Freddy Sanchez idea before the Slowey bad news. Thanks to Garrett Jones, I feel more confident in my ability to continue to cheer on any of our boys who got sent to Pittsburgh. But

And I hate the Orlando Cabrera talk. A) I don't like Orlando Cabrara. B) I can't imagine wishing the 10,000 fans, white-shoe fate on any of our players. Ick.

So....I have to disagree with Joe and Joe and Justin.

I know. I know.

Disagreeing publicly with Joe Mauer could get me arrested if I cross the state line into Minnesota. But so be it.

It's just that in this particular situation, I don't think I will be all that disappointed if we don't make a move. Obviously, if we started selling off pieces of the club, that's different. And I would be angry. HULK angry.

I would love to win the division, obviously. And it's totally doable. But the way the team has fared against the other AL divisions in general this season, does not bode well for our chances to make it past round one, even if we do make the playoffs.

Stupid realism.

Of course, in my heart I know magic happens. I always firmly believe in my heart that we are going to win the World Series....right up until we are eliminated. But I'm not sure I want to bet the farm on it. You know?

One new infielder, or one new relief pitcher isn't going to get it done by themselves. It's going to take superior play from everyone on the field, and a lot of that lucky magic. And if I'm counting on magic anyway, I'd almost rather roll with what we've got.


S.Rail said...

I don't like the deadline either. What if one of the Twins goes away? It may be for the best, but taking away a Twin is like taking away a part of the family :(

Rebecca said...

Here's where you won me:

"One new infielder, or one new relief pitcher isn't going to get it done by themselves. It's going to take superior play from everyone on the field, and a lot of that lucky magic. And if I'm counting on magic anyway, I'd almost rather roll with what we've got."

That's the truth, girl.

Kim said...

The deadline has never been my favorite part of the season, it's stressful and unpleasant all around. I'm still remembering when Dougie M was a Twin on Friday and got sent across the hall to be a Bo sock on Saturday. We did get a mighty fine strapping Canadian out of the deal so it's not all bad..but you know at the time it was a bit sad. I don't disagree on the magic theory, but I do think it's time that Mr Smith put on his big boy pants and make something happen. I'm tired of the same old excuses and hemming and hawing. They are getting their new good Twins fans are paying plenty of dinero to see them, let's see the money talk for once instead of us just getting by and trying harder. Sigh..guess I've given this a thought or two. Go Twins.

AnnaM said...

I agree with your disagreeing with Joe and Joe and Justin. I totally understand how they feel, but at the same time, who do they want to give up (other than Lexi and Young, who I don't think hold much value)? One player is not going to make the difference. And what if by getting that one player, we give up the player that would have helped us get to the series in a few years? I'm all for making a trade if it makes sense, but they shouldn't make a trade just to make a trade. Also, I think it's just plain disrespectful to go out and slam your boss in public. If anyone in the real world does that, they make their life that much more difficult.

AnnaM said...

Also, my dad pointed out to me that the boys are saying all this right after a trip to LA where they most likely spent some time with Torii. I wouldn't put it past him to say something like, "Oh I see the Twins are doing what they always do: nothing. That's so unfair to you guys. That's why I left. Blah blah blah..."

Sarah said...

Yeah, I do understand the psychological lift a big trade might give the team. But I'm still a little wary because A) The Bill Smith Trade Portfolio thus far is pretty disappointing. He has given me no reason to believe that I should be particularly hopeful about future trade decisions he makes. B) We have the Mauer contract to think about, so I doubt we can actually pull the trigger on any big-ticket players.

Oh, the Doug Mientkiewicz trade. That ripped my heart out and stomped on it. I hated that night. Nasty business. And I love Justin now...but part of me still resents that he was kind of an A-hole to Dougie that night.

Doug's on Twitter, if anyone is interested:

Jeremiah said...

Mientkiewicz... don't get me started on him. He was my favorite player after Puckett retired. I had a few guys I liked, but he was the first one that I actually HAD to watch. I was so miffed when he was pushed out.

I agree that the Twins always have that ability to do stupid trades... obviously Young/Harris for Garza/Bartlett is the biggest recent one... letting Torrii go, letting Johan go.. one thing I have said for the past 4 years is even if they made a mid-season show of support.. not necessarily a trade or new acquisition, but something like going "Joe.. (mauer) let's sign you to that extension through 2014" and the rest of the team would get their spirits up because they would know that while the front office may not be interested in spending big bucks on an acquisition, they would at least NOT let the team think they don't support them at all or let them wait until the last minute to make these important decisions.

BTW... did you like how the Magic Helmet did it's job with style tonight? Become part of baseball history, then kick him straight in the gut! Casilla breaks the perfect streak (though Gomez did an amazing job too... so many of those balls went foul, but they were SMOKED foul) and Punto gets 2 RBI's off him! Ha, I love Punto.