Friday, July 31, 2009

A Perfect Storm....(of tears and/or vomit)

I'm writing this post from O'Hare. It is early. Too early. For ME anyway.

I got, literally, 10 minutes of sleep. 5 minutes before United Airlines called at midnight to notify me of a flight change and to just sort of pee all over my proverbial Cornflakes in general, and then another 5 minutes immediately before my alarm went off when I am usually just going to bed. Yes, I'm a rockstar like that.

Anyway, I am planning to make it through the day exxlusively on power bars and enough caffeine to make my heart explode.

And when I left this morning the last thing I heard was that Bill Smith was getting hot and heavy with Oakland for frickin Orlando Cabrera.

Me + 10 minutes of sleep + too much caffeine + White Sox merch surrounding me + mothereffing Oakland = A perfect storm of increased probability that there will be baseball related tears and/or vomit on my part today. I don't deal well with things when I am sleep deprived.

Thankfully, it sounds like talks have cooled. If we had to make a trade, with Sanchez out of the picture, I'd rather have Scutaro. But I still don't believe that trading for trading's sake is going to get us anywhere.

But on the other end of the trade spectrum, I'm on my way to Pittsburgh to watch their AAA squad take on the Natinals. I'll say hi to Garrett Jones for you, assuming he still plays there by tonight.


Robynn said...

Clearly not enough frozen treats were used to ward off Cabrera. This makes things very interesting - possibly putting little Nicky in a precarious position?

Anonymous said...

Time to put on your TC Goggles