Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh Goodie.

The Yankees are in town.

Funny story....I was looking for a fantasy baseball pitchers to fill-in for Kevin Slowey on a couple of my teams. I considered Glen Perkins. And then I realized that he'd be pitching against the Yankees. And I flashed back to the last time he pitched against the Yankees while he was on one of my fantasy rosters. And I passed. I have faith that this outing will be much much better. Glen is at home this time. And he is not broken this time. And he is awesome. I know it will be different. Still....I'm not willing to jinx anything by recreating the same scenario. Good luck to all our pitchers now. Scotty Baker can set the tone tonight will awesomeness against our old foe Sabathia. (Side note: remember how nice it was when CC was in the NL? Yeah. I miss that.)

Personally, I think three-straight amazing walk-off victories would be fitting. But I will settle for just a plain old series win. That would be super.

And requisite All-Star stuff: With out repeating trio of All-Stars set in stone, I am throwing all of my support to Ian Kinsler in the AL last chance vote thingy. This should not come as a surprise to anyone. If Josh Hamilton is a starting outfielder this season, it's practically criminal that Kinsler didn't make the roster out-right. Anyone who joins me in my unapologetic Kinsler-love will be rewarded with acknowledgement of your superior taste in baseball players. Apologies to Brandon Inge, who also probably deserves to be there...but Ian Kinsler is a little bit more adorable and does not play in our division.

I don't care about the NL race as much, but for the record, I am voting for Pablo Sandoval.

And on a lark, I've decided to ditch the "Katie" moniker I've come to know and love. It started out as an homage to the lost verse of Take Me Out to the Ballgame (Yeah, baseball's national anthem is actually about a GIRL who loves baseball so much she makes up her own song to bring her team luck. Go figure that they never really bother to mention that.) But no one really got it, and it seems a little silly now. Plus, there's another lovely Katie in the Twins fan girl blogosphere. It's just less confusing this way I think.

And if I use my real name, Sarah, this picture is more awesome. That's my Twitter handle there at the bottom.

Heaps of gratitude to Luckie Strike my Twitter-friend for snagging that awesome picture at the Astros/Pirates game last night. Poor Garrett Jones. He is forced to do embarrassing things for my entertainment remotely now.


Katie said...

Thanks for the plug girl! lol

I must say, that picture is made of awesome right there!

Heidi said...

Oh my awesomeness! That pic is great!
I'm totally on the Kinsler train! He's adorable, is good at baseball, and wears high socks! What's not to love?!
Josh Hamilton, however, is starting to annoy me. I know he hasn't really done anything and he loves Jesus, and has an inspirational story, but I kind of want to tell him to go away.

luckie said...

You're welcome. As a note, I do have a similarly embarrassing pic of Baker and Nathan from last year in Arlington, I'll see if I can find them.
If I go to the game tomorrow afternoon, I'll be sure to let Garrett know the pic was appreciated. He did get a double the AB I was near home plate to get AB pics, so, he needs me there. :) (Also had a less adventurous time in the OF when I moved near RF to get defensive pics.)

PS-We Sarahs need to stick together :)

Tricia said...

That picture is beautiful.

Oh, and the Twins are going to kick some Yankee butt this series.

JS said...

Oh my god.