Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm glad I didn't hold my breath.

I actually wrote an entire blog post this morning and then promptly erased it. I was crabby. It seemed unnecessary. But at one point I begged for one win, just ONE win all season, against the Damn Yankees. But I ended by saying that I was not planning on holding my breath.

Obviously, I am really glad I didn't hold my breath.

The only good thing I can say about the Yankees series is that it's over. The Yanks are gone, never to darken the Dome doorstep again.

It's hard to think of different ways to talk about the same thing over and over again. We kind of stink against the Yankees. And it doesn't seem to matter if they Yankees are playing well, or if the Yankees are playing poorly. We just can't beat them, no matter the circumstances, I guess. I don't even blame any individual players. Because, looking back, we can lose to the Yankees just as efficiently with entirely different line-ups. It's institutional.

I think someone needs to perform an exorcism or something. Might I suggest we get the boys from Supernatural to come to town and help us ward off evil?

They're good at that sort of thing. And it would make me happy.

Hopefully everyone will use this frustration as a motivator to bully the White Sox around a little this weekend. Some winning would be a very welcome change of pace. Also if we could maybe infect the White Sox clubhouse with the contagious case of Suck we've contracted, that would be great.

I'm getting very excited for our little pre-game shindig on Saturday. Don't forget to email Lipgloss & Baseball's Jen for details and directions if you're interested in attending:


Jeremiah said...

I have to wonder if the curse that the Red Sox had against the Yankees has somehow floated upon us. Because it's not like we have really played badly in any of the games. Its usually, something really weird happens, like Perkins getting extremely sick, or Umpires making decidedly stupid calls, or several home runs not being enough to overcome 3 or 4 runs... or Span getting picked off second when he's only 3 feet from it... (that was just odd). And aside from Umps making decidedly stupid calls, those were just here. We were actually winning in New York on every game, but Umps suddenly got a case of watching another sport and couldn't call anything right. Oh well, Target Field is only 9 months away.

Anonymous said...

I care more about the White Sox being in town anyway.

And I'm tired of the Yankees and Red Sox thinking the baseball universe revolves around them. The less attention we pay to them, the better!


Heidi said...

mmmm. if only sam and dean could save the day!

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I fully support the idea of getting the Supernatural Brothers here. Yup.

Can't wait to create shenanigans with you tomorrow!