Thursday, July 23, 2009

I hate Oakland. (But I love Garrett Jones.)

I hate Oakland.

I really hate Oakland.

I cannot remember a time when I didn't hate Oakland.

I used to hate them because they were good.

I continue to hate them because they are scary looking and kind of creepy and wear those awful white shoes.

Now I hate them because they are BAD. Which only makes our Twins look WORSE when they lose horribly to Oakland and allow them to score over 30 runs in a series.

Bad things happen in Oakland. Clearly, my irrational hatred of Oakland will continue. Although, honestly, my irrational hatred is starting to seem slightly more rational NOW, isn't it?

I tried listening to the game yesterday, but at some point they just gave up on the game and it was like those spring training games where they just sort of talked about other things. Which was probably good...considering the game was pretty awful. But I get distracted and if there's no game to follow, it seemed silly to bother.

On the bright side, I did catch the conversation about Garrett Jones and John Gordon being lost in a cab together in Cleveland once. Good stuff. Obviously, they were discussing Garrett Jones because he is ON FIRE for the Pirates. I'm very happy for him. He's finally getting the hero worship and adulation he so richly deserves. I looked at the top google keywords that bring people to this blog yesterday, and half of them were Garrett Jones related. Yay for Garrett!

I actually added Garrett Jones in a couple of my fantasy baseball leagues and it's paying dividends. I love that I live in a world where Garrett Jones is a viable fantasy option as well as a real-life baseball success. It makes me happy.

At this point, I will take happy where I can get it.


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I picked up Jones in one fantasy league last week. Last night I picked him up in another one. I just might add him in my third league, too. I think he has a TON of potential, and he's already giving GREAT numbers. I'm glad he's helping your teams out, too! I see that he's only owned in 22% of Yahoo leagues...what the heck is everyone waiting for?

(And not only is he on fire these days, he's also kinda hot. But that's not why I chose him for my teams, haha. At least, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it... ;)

MyFavoriteLaRoche said...

yeah, i was at yesterday afternoon's game where mr. jones was one of 3 home runs in one inning. even when jones has a bad at bat, he still rocks our pirate world! he's only been in the bigs w/ the pirates for 18 games and he has 9 home runs and a i saw a family wearing jones t-shirts! i'm going to dicks this wkend to purchase my very own #46 jones t!

k-bro said...

Ok, since I really don't know what I'm doing with my fantasy team, and TWO of my favorite bloggers recommend him, I went ahead and added Mr. Jones to my team.

Oh, and does anybody like Oakland?

Sarah said...

It's OK Grammarphile...I maintain that Adorableness Quotient (AQ) should be a legitimate stat included in standard fantasy league scoring. In that category, Jones cleans up. And with my Kinsler/Morneau/Jones combo, I would blow all the other teams away.

I think people are slow to pick up on Jones because he's not a young prospect anymore, and doesn't have the buzz. And the general fan isn't paying much attention to the Pirates. Their loss. Garrett Jones is crazy good right now.

Any chance they will start selling #46 t-shirts at PNC? I'm going to need one. or two. possibly three.

k-bro...Jones is a good addition right now. At least short term. Especially if your team is short on power. He's been hitting solo home runs like it's his job.....possibly because it IS actually his job, I guess.