Tuesday, July 14, 2009

HR Derby and Caring Fatigue

It never fails....for about the first 45-50 minutes of the HR Derby, I'm super excited. I think thoughts like "I love the Derby! I think I like it better than the actual All-Star Game even!"

And then time apparently slows down. When what feels like 5 hours goes by, and we're still in the first round....that's when the fatigue sets in.

I always manage to power through to the end, but (last year aside) I always stop caring completely by the 2nd batter of round 2.

Congrats Prince Fielder. I didn't actually watch you get your trophy because of that whole not-caring thing, but it's nothing personal. Good Job.

Poor Joe. E for effort. He did better than Justin did in his first Derby.

I wonder how many players have won on their first attempt? I'm not actually going to look it up, due-once again-to caring fatigue, but I do wonder passively. It seems like it's harder for newbies. Although Nelson Cruz sure put on a show.

And people wonder why the Rangers are my runner-up next-best-thing-to-the-Twins team this season. They're kind of awesome. Plus...you know....Ian Kinsler and all.

And speaking of Ian Kinsler, after every swing of Brandon Inge's epic HR Derby fail, I proudly announced "Kinsler would've made that," just to be annoying.

Yes, I am still bitter.

But on a happy note, it was so awesome to meet the folks at our pre-game shindig on Saturday. It was great putting faces to names, and blogs and Twitter handles. And it really only reinforced my opinion that the Twins have vastly superior fans. Especially women fans. Um...we are pretty, pretty awesome. So, back-patting and self-congratulatory murmuring all around!


salty_birdie/sarah said...

I watched til the end, hoping Nellie could pull it out. I am pretty peeved at Mr Mauer--he made me root for Pujols to win the swing-off! I did *not* want Carlos Pena to get to the 2nd round because of the whole "being named to the AS team because he's the HR leader in the AL" BS. Do you know how *dirty* I felt after that swing-off? ::shivers::
I'm wondering if Prince is still a vegetarian--if so, pretty awesome showing for a guy who doesn't eat meat! :)

Laurel Krahn said...

The Derby just goes on way too long, they need to eliminate a round or have fewer outs/swings in one or something.

By the time Prince was accepting his award, there were very few people in the stands. I think some left early and most bolted the second they knew who won.

Pity Torii is on the disabled list or he'd've been there and might've been in the derby too, which could've been fun. Not much humor/fun this year, participants all seemed sincere. Didn't seem like as many players were there to watch this year either.

Jeremiah said...

Prince Fielder IS still a vegetarian. The announcers were mentioning it.

The HR Derby is one of those great ideas that doesn't work as well in practice anymore. Some people take it too seriously, others just enjoy the ride. Mauer made the comment (as Sarah commented on Twitter last night) that he didn't know why he was there, after specifically ASKING to be there. I think it's one of those things that, he wanted to be there and was in awe of being there, but to actually do it was a childhood dream coming true, which doesn't always happen, even for major leaguers. So, I think he just started getting nervous. He actually looked nervous when he was batting and I think he was TOO selective of his pitches. A lot of times, the good pitch would go by and he'd swing at the next one, which wasn't as good. But it was really cool to see a guy like Mauer get to fulfil his dream, no matter how he did. We all know he has the ability to do better.

Sorry I couldn't make the party on Saturday. It was a tough choice between you guys and a reunion... and I probably should have chosen you guys. Oh well! Will make the right decision next time.

Rebecca said...

Round one is all that is needed. Give them 20 outs, and let them go at each other.