Monday, July 20, 2009

E for effort.

I promise that I've tried.

I've tried very, very hard in every way I know how.

I have tried to feel upset or put out in any way by Ian Kinsler's walk-off HR at our expense last night.

But I cannot.

I love Ian Kinsler. I am unapologetic in this regard.

I love his baggy pants. I love his high socks. I love his winning smile. I love his cool hair. And most of all I love that he is amazing at baseball.

I'm sorry that 2-3 times a year he has to be amazing at baseball against the team that I love. But it can't be helped. I suffer through the emotional anguish this causes me.

And I would love to say that my first thought after the home run (Ian's SECOND home run of the night, just to clarify) was "Oh no!" But just between you and me, it was actually "Yay Ian Kinsler! You are awesome and I love you!" followed up quickly with a requisite "Oh no. Poor Twins." mea culpa.

I don't think my split allegiance this weekend really did any harm anyway. The Twins won the series. They beat Padilla, who I definitely do NOT love. They gained ground on the Tigers (The Yankees are good for something, I guess), and we didn't lose any ground on the White Sox. So, no harm, no foul.

And yes, when the Rangers come to town later this season, I will be cheering loudly for Ian Kinsler. And I will not feel guilty about it.

The heart wants what it wants.

Welcome back Alexi Casilla.


Here's the deal, need to be as good at baseball as Matt Tolbert is adorable. (Not that you aren't adorable are. But Matt Tolbert is....well...Matt Tolbert. You understand.) It's important that we maintain that delicate Total Awesomeness Rating on the squad. That's a tough order, but I know you're up to it. So, make like Nike and Just Do It.

I'm really glad that the Twins played the Rangers first thing back from the break. Because during the All-Star Break I got distracted with Harry Potter obsessiveness, and family stuff, and work and everything else. If we had to play a non-adorable, non-interesting team (like, say, the Oakland A's...) first game back, I might have strayed even further. But this was MLB's way of saying "Look Sarah, remember baseball? You love it!'s Ian Kinsler!" And it worked. I'm fully back to hardcore baseball obsession now. And just in time for Oakland. Goodie.


Heidi said...

I can't stay mad at Ian Kinsler. He's adorable and he's on my fantasy team.

k-bro said...

How completely awesome would it be if the Twins were to get Ian Kinsler to be their 2nd baseman? That would certainly raise both the GABF and AQ of the position by oodles and gobs.

luckie/sarah said...

Well, I was on the other side--love the Rangers like crazy, but don't exactly dislike the Twins. :) Except Punto--I have someone who bribes me with Pei Wei and Chipotle to hate Punto.

Padilla is an UGLY man. Nice car, but a real icky asshat. My sis referred to the Padilla-Teagarden battery as possibly the "most evil" in all of baseball. (She's got issues with Tea.)

My problem matchup was the Scotty night. I *love* Feldman (my Scooter), but I like Baker (he's so nice!) I was hoping for a pitcher's duel and tried to pick out which Twins BP guy to blow it--with no Ayala or Rincon, it was a very difficult decision.

(Oh yeah--*NO* to getting Kinsler! I know it will solve the 2B problem in Minnesota, but Michael Young will be very lost without his little buddy. :) )