Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2 Games Over .500 or Bust!

So THIS is what a winning road-trip feels like.

I LIKE it!

If this new-found winningness away from home has anything to do with the noticeably scruffier appearance of many of our players....keep it up boys. Adorableness Counts....but so does being Good At Baseball. Leave the razors at home if that's what it takes. We'll still love you even if you do start to look a little gross.

So now that we have the "Have a winning road-trip" monkey off our backs, the next big milestone will be "2 games over .500." Let's do this thing people!

But the whole winning thing wasn't even ALL of the good baseball news today brought me.

Garrett Jones got called up to play for the Pirates.

Suddenly the PNC Park baseball Tweet-up trip got 100% Garrett Jonesier. And that, my friends, is a very good thing.

This news confirmed a suspicion I had that I am maybe, just maybe, able to control the Pittsburgh Pirates' front office with my mind.

I'm pretty sure of it now. Because when we first planned the Pittsburgh trip, I wished that Andrew McCutchen would get called up before then. And like 2 days later, he was. And just yesterday I was telling someone that it would be really nice if Garrett Jones could ALSO get called up before the trip.


Clearly, either I have a magic ability to have my wishes come true (but ONLY very specific wishes and only wishes regarding minor league call-up decisions by the Pittsburgh Pirates)...OR someone from the Pittsburgh Pirates front office has planted bugs somewhere in my home and is listening in. But that's a little creepy. So, I instead choose to believe that I am MAGIC! Yay!

---I'm sorry to all the Pittsburgh players who had to get traded in order to make all my McCutchen/Jones dreams come true. My bad :(


MyFavoriteLaRoche said...

yes, tonight's game will be even more fun to watch. after a wkend of bouncing around the ballpark w/ my friend's boys, trudi and i are back in our seats on 3rd base line -- good view of pre-game warm-up's!

seeing garrett tonight will make the pain of nyjer morgan, aka: tony plush, a bit more bearable.

if you're wondering about the nickname, morgan gave an interview at the beginning of the season where he was quoted as saying "my gentlmen's name is Tony Plush." it has just stuck!

although, monday night we were able to see t-plush's last game as a pirate -- and we sat right behind him in left center field. it was sweet i say.

Heidi said...

I watched the cubs/pirates game last night in eager anticipation of garrett jones, but did not see him until the congratulatory high five line at the end. but it was totally worth it!

MyFavoriteLaRoche said...

i haven't seen the line up for tonight's game but i'm sure we'll see him in a pinch hit situation tonight and he'll play tomorrow's day game make up w/ the mets

keep watch'n - he's out there.

oh, look it's almost time for to head to pnc for batting practice and a shot of mr. jones!

Jeremiah said...

WE DID IT!!! 2 Games over 500!!!

Fetch said...

The entire world's response to Garrett Jones:

Ack! Barf! Bleh!

Glad I could help.

Katie said...

I think the ladies would beg to differ with you Fetch.

And Garrett Jones has been on fire since joining the Pirates organization. check your stats.

Jeremiah said...

Ya know... I'm not one to say a guy's attractive, but every once in a while.. I'll go ahead and admit it. Garrett Jones, not a bad looking guy by any means. Also, would probably like him better than Delmon Young.
But me liking someone better than Delmon Young isn't very difficult.