Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This is the game that doesn't end. Yes, it goes on and on my friend...

There are few things more satisfying in my life than being able to gloat to my Brewers fan friends during Interleague. It makes me very, very happy. So...yay! Go Twins!

That being said, tonight's game seemed like the longest game in the world. It felt like a twi-night double-header...except that it wasn't. Aren't NL games supposed to go FASTER without a DH? Isn't that part of the charm?

I have said it before, and I'll say it again. I HATE that this series is mid-week. It just feels wrong. I applaud the Twins fans who took vacation to represent in Miller Park...but there's just not enough. My favorite part of this particular "rivalry" is how we as Twins Fans descend on Milwaukee like locusts and take over one weekend a year. They pack the Dome and annoy us, we pack Miller and annoy them. It's the natural order of things, and this year it's just way out of whack. I don't like it.

And obviously we must discuss the most interesting tidbit of the day....Gardy informing everyone that Luis Ayala had requested a trade about 3 weeks before he was DFA'd. Apparently he was unhappy about his role in the bullpen. What a were WE.

It wouldn't be summer in Twins Territory if we weren't angrily shaking our fists at at least one of our free agent signings. And the best part about this revelation is that I no longer have to feel guilty about not liking Luis Ayala. I wasn't really fond of him from the beginning, because he made Bobby Korecky go away, and because he had kind of a reputation for being a punk. And then there was the losing and whatnot and the resentment just kept festering. And now that he's gone and we know that he left on somewhat douche-y terms, I feel pretty solid about my pre-season snap judgements. It's different if someone really wants to play for the Twins but just can't seem to get it together...I'd feel bad about thinking mean thoughts. But this way...I'm cool with it. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.


Liz Strand said...

Amen! I was not happy with Luis Ayala with the Mets. Then I wasn't happy he was a Twin, and since I was living under a rock when Korecky went away, and nearly cried when I realized it, I didn't know until you informed me that Ayala took his spot. Then he just confirmed everything I thought about him on field. When he has his 1 or 2 good outings, I chose to pretend they didn't exist! I don't normally dislike Twins like that...ever! I might be unhappy with how they are playing, but this was in a category with the "Fire Mason" chant my sister and I had going for about 5 years before the Gophers kicked him out the door. I usually use Minnesota nice, but Ayala was that rare one who flipped the switch!

Kristina said...

I'll be there on Thursday, rocking my Twins gear and my Bert Blyleven Hall of Fame sign - so excited!!

Anonymous said...

It should be illegal to schedule Twins/Brewers during the week. :(

My saying of the last month or so has been: "Luis Ayala = Spanish for 'Jesse Crain'" which is an unfair burn on Jesse Crain, I realize now. Adios Ayala!


Rebecca said...

I, too, was disappointed to read about Ayala's meeting with Gardy, and I applaud his response. And to think that Ayala actually had to nerve to not only request the 8the 8th inning on his losing record but to also bring up a 2010 contract with Gardy!!!

It is glorious to gloat to the Brewer fans. I gloated to one even after the Blackburn game give-away the other night, and the Brewer fan acknowledged that we gave the game to them.

2009 has been victorious. Even if we don't make the playoffs, at least we have killed the Brewers this year.