Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pirates and Pridie and iPods, Oh My!

Well, hellooo Perk. Nothing says "Welcome Back to the Mound" like a little lot of run support from your chums.

[Ooh..I like the word "chums." It makes me sound classy.]

I enjoy the winning. I feel sad for the Pirates, but I do enjoy the winning. But I think I love Nyjer Morgan and Andrew McCutchen about as much as I can safely and appropriately love the enemy. Well...I guess they're not quite at the Ian Kinsler (who had a super-human almost Maueresque night at the plate)/CJ Wilson level yet. But it's close. Give them time, they're just new here.

And the Jesse Crain I really didn't see that coming. My first reaction was panic. Because when is Twins' Family Day?! Is it this Sunday?! I think it might be this Sunday! Watching Jesse Crain's son play "baseball" last year was my favorite part of the whole day! This is potentially devastating. I'm not sure I can sign off on this. Also, what does this do to the team's Canadian ratio? Someone should look into these things. This is how my brain works.

Speaking of Canadians.... a rapid-fire Twitter-convo spontaneously erupted tonight about baseball team songs. I both defended the OK! Blue Jays! song, and also admitted that it is currently on my iPod.

This led to me to explore some other odd iPod choices and the truths about myself that they reveal. (I will try to make this baseball-relevant, but I can almost guarantee that I will fail. I'm multi-faceted. Deal with it.)

  • Many of the strange songs on the iPod are there not so much because I like them, but mostly because I like the bizarre and funny memories attached to them: Like, one time I saw Luis Castillo shaking his tail-feathers to the Snakes on a Plane song. Ergo, the Snakes on a Plane song is on my iPod. This seems perfectly logical to me. Similarly, Yoda by Weird Al gets a nod, because some friends and I used to have a game where we would sing karaoke at this biker bar and try to get as many regulars to leave during our song as possible. Yoda was the winner and gold-standard when we once made 9 people walk out mid-song. It was my birthday. True story.
  • I'm convinced that there is a fairly large group of brain cells in my head whose only purpose is to make sure, using whatever means necessary, that I never--NEVER--forget the "lyrics" to Jump by Kriss Kross. Yes, I can sing the whole f-ing thing.
  • I think Piazza, New York Catcher is much more fun when I sing my own version called Piazza, Eau Claire Catcher about the Northwoods League Eau Claire Express catcher whose name also happens to be Piazza.
  • I continue to be completely unapologetic and un-ironic in my love for Jimmy Buffett.
  • I have a wide selection of Twins players' walk-up music, past and present. But I refuse to add the Joe Mauer rap anthem thing. There is a line. I'm sorry.
  • Sometimes, when you're feeling blue, it helps to play air-banjo to The Rainbow Connection as sung by Kermit the Frog. Don't knock it til you try it.

Oh, and welcome back to Jason Pridie too! Giving my the chance to post this picture again:


Katie said...

I'm excited about Pridie coming back into town. I do however have a friend who follows the Red Wings as closely as I follow the Twins and she is not too pleased we keep taking her good players! Ha!

Mh said...

Holy Hair Gel Batman

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Chums makes me think of chum – the blood/fish guts slurry mixture that they use to lure sharks to boats.

I know you are worried about the Canadian ratio on our team now that The Crainadian is sent down but I really feel like it’s the right move. He’s been all kinds of fail-y lately AND according to Tim McNiff on Kare 11 he was NOT happy about the move. Well, duh.

That Omaha song by Counting Crows is really awesome!

Do I sense a Baseball Tweet-up Karaoke Adventure – Pittsburgh Style brewing? It would be an epic end-cap to Pie-Go!

Katie said...

My other favorite Bar Evacuation Karaoke Game songs include We Didn't Start the Fire, Hangin' Tough, and Stairway to Heaven. Some guy friends tried "I Want It That Way" once, but they were quietly asked to leave themselves, which doesn't count.

Robynn said...

Crainwreck demotion was only a matter of time. Im just sad Swarzak isn't still here. Maybe after the inter-league they will do some more switching and he will end up back in MN.

Baseball Karaoke adventure??!!! Im in!! Keep me posted

Rebecca said...

Surprised by the Crain move? I like Robynn's "Crainwreck" reference. It really was bound to happen with an ERA over 8.

It is nice for the guys to welcome Glen back with a little run support to help him get a morale-boosting win. Do you think they can show the same love to Liriano tonight?

Rebecca said...

p.s. By the way, I should introduce myself. I've been lurking on your blog for a while. I love it. I hope you don't mind my commenting.

Heidi said...

don't be ashamed of the music on your ipod. I'm sure we all have our wtf songs. for example, I have an ode to tom brady and more lionel richie than I probably should.

Jeremiah said...

I don't think Crain is as bad as people have made him out to be. Yeah, he has a high ERA, but give up one run in 1/3 of an inning and it's going to take a few games to get your ERA down. Unfortunately, he gave up 5 hits and 2 runs in the last 4 games for a total of 1 inning in that span. I think he just needs to go to Roch, get his stuff in order and then come back after the All-Star break refreshed and awesome.

Glad that Pridie's back. But I'm going to complain here, so, for the Brendan Harris baseball girlfriends, please stop reading now:
Dude... all you had to do was NOT hit into a double-play last night. And what do you go and do? Hit into a double-play. Not to mention that you went 1 for 5 on the night. And as a result of the double-play, Joe Mauer had to settle for a 4 for 4 night instead of a 5 for 5 night. I can't wait until the Twins trade you because we never should have let Bartlett go.

With that being said, I think a great horrible Karaoke song is We Built This City by Starship. A lot of people think they like it because they remember being young, then about halfway through, they remember why they haven't listened to it in 20 years.

Katie said...

I feel like I should clarify. I am in no way a Jesse Crain apologist.

I am mostly concerned about the possible negative consequences of not having tiny Hunter Crain available to play in the Twins Family "Baseball" Game.

Also I am concerned about the lack of opportunities for me to sing "Oh, Canada" on Jesse's behalf on a semi-regular basis.

And welcome new friend Rebecca! I'm glad you're here!

And everyone else, I'm glad you're here too! Don't feel left out.

Katie said...

It would be nice if we could get an answer about Twins Family Day. No one seems to want to tell us, do they not understand how important this day is?

Fetch said...

I'm more concerned with you making fun of Jason Pridie's looks than possibly anything I've ever been concerned about. Ever.

And if that sentence structure didn't confuse you, wait until I start drinking.