Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pinch Me

Who are you, and what have you done with the real Gardy?

Did I actually see a 4-out save for Nathan? 

Somebody pinch me.

Thank you Gardy.....just....thank you. 

And thank you Joe Nathan. And Kevin Slowey. And Brendan Harris.  And Go-Go! I've now watched the replay of that catch at least a dozen times, and it never gets less amazing. 

There are worthy baseball boyfriends everywhere, folks.

If we could just bottle some of that up and take it on the road with us, that would be great.

In Target Field news, did everyone see the picture of the planned Budweiser deck thingy?

Looks fun. When I first looked at it, I realized 2 important things. 
1) It looks like just the sort of place one might enjoy a cold refreshing beverage and some tasty waffle fries.
2) This blog has gone far too long with-out a post tagged "Waffle Fries."

And THAT got me thinking about my wishes for the new ballpark. Aside from my well-documented and futile wishes for even a minimum amount of climate-control, we haven't really talked about our hopes and dreams on this blog yet.  So let's do it.

Here are some of mine:
  • Walks Will Haunt animation (I enthusiastically second this idea raised by our good friend tammy!)
  • A cash-register "ring 'em up" sound effect for strike-outs.
  • Waffle fries. Preferably served in souvenir mini-helmets. (And here's the deal Target Field...if you give me waffle fries, I will try extra hard not to complain about being cold.)
  • Once a week cage matches between TC Bear and Bullseye the Target Dog.
  • Real fireworks instead of those weird red emergency flare things that they shot off on Opening Day during the National Anthem, which made me snicker, which made people glare at me. (Although this is on the list mostly for the benefit of others. I, personally,  hate fireworks. They make me jumpy.)
  • A mini-Target Field giveaway day, to match our mini-Metrodomes. 
  • Extra security to keep us all safe in that neighborhood when we're camping out for mini-Target Fields.
  • The triumphant return of the Cotton Candy Milkshake Man. (Please? Pretty please?)
  • A post-game concert from The Hold Steady at some point during the season.
  • More pirate dancing (someone please tell me you also remember the weird pre-game pirate dance from one of the games last season...)

How about you? What are you hoping to see/hear/taste/etc. at Target Field? And how will we collectively cope with inevitable disappointment?


Katie said...

I was saying the same thing last night. I don't doubt Jose, but we needed Nathan in there. It was too risky to leave Jose in there when we have one of the best closers in the league.

GoGo's catch? One word, amazing. I think I shall deem him SpiderMan for the next like week.

Homerun number 12 for my baseball boyfriend was a wonderful thing last night!

My main hope and dream for Target Field is more World Series Championships (I'm really praying for another one this year before we leave the Dome). I do like the Walks Will Haunt animation and I like their little rally video they've made up for the 9th inning (I don't remember that from last season).

But for say the first few games of the season, how about a blanket give away for us folks that are willing to brave the cold to watch the boys play?

In reality everything that we do at the Dome, I hope they move forward to Target Field, plus a whole lot of new stuff to make new memories and new traditions!

AnnaM said...

I personally think that they should ban the wave at Target Field. It annoys me so much, especially when people start it during a good inning. I'm also hoping for pickle-on-a-stick, and I hope that all the concessions will be more reasonably priced (I doubt that will happen). I also love the Walks Will Haunt animation, as well as the call to the bullpen. Oh, and they need to have Twingo at Target Field!

Word Verification: crechoy. An interesting variation of LeCroy.

Caryn said...

They need to ban the wave EVERYWHERE at any baseball game, ever.

I would happily guest blog on a post on how to survive cold weather baseball.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

PIRATE DANCING!! I remember! I REMEMBER! I think I remember blogging about it too. Hmmm...

My wishes:
1. Waffle fries in plastic helmets with a side of season sour cream in a tiny souvenir beer cup.

2. Less douchey businessmen "fans" who talk business around me.

3. Twins banana-clip giveaway day

4. More post game concerts (and by "more" I mean "start having")

5. You Girls moving to Minneapolis so we can tailgate/drink before a lot of games.

Katie said...

I agree with Baseball Lipgloss about the tailgating part! It's more fun going to games with a large group of friends!

Waterboy23 said...

Could we just please convert the Budweiser deck thingy to the same set up as the Island Girl Tiki Bar they have at tradition field in Port St Lucie - its heaven!

Kristina said...

I remember the Pirate dancing!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, totally with you on the Walks Will Haunt.

Kim said...

At the dreaded Yankee stadium, the ground crew does the YMCA dance as they change the bases. It's pretty cute. I'm on board with a dancing ground crew.

I also wouldn't mind some grilling stations with real grilled hot dogs.

I'll sign the petition for no wave if it can have a no beachball clause as well. I saw a guy with a hook hand pop one once. No one said anything to him at all because, hello, dude has a hook for a hand, not someone to mess with!!

The Vinyl Guy said...

That's a great wish list, espacially the post-game concert idea. Just remember, "You Gotta Stay Positive"!!

Heidi said...

I'm with you on banning the wave. And I love waffle fries. It makes me want to go to Chik-Fil-A right now. They have the best waffle fries. All around, good ideas.

Robynn said...

I wish for coke instead of pepsi. And less guards at the entrances to the seats starting around the 5th inning so that if its really empty, you can go down to better seats. Used to do that a lot at Camden Yards.

Word Verification: Tranylo. Low-rise jeans for trannies.

Anonymous said...

How could I have missed the pirate dancing?

This is how I envision the New Walks Will Haunt animation. Remember in Back to the Future II when Marty is in the messed up alternate future where Biff rules the world? He sees a movie theater that is playing Jaws 26 (or some such sequal). While he is looking at the sign for the Jaws movie, a giant 3D image of the Jaws shark "leaps" off the billboard and animates down as if it is eating his head.

THAT is what I want the Walks Will Haunt to look like at the new park!

And waffle fries in a mini helmet with condiments served in a mini beer mug... GENIUS!

Finally... I think the CCM Man is, sadly, gone for good. I think perhaps the economy and his newborn baby forced him to seek more litigimate employment... maybe now he sells insurance? Sad.


Jeremiah said...

Target Field Bans:
The Wave (or "Flushing the Toilet" as I refer to it in the Dome)
Stupid fans, regardless of sports team affiliation. (This means anyone who's wearing a team jersey that isn't playing during that series is automatically out! excluding other sports teams from the same state as the ones that are playing)
Waldo! (He's the jackass in Left-Center who steals balls from little kids)
Yankees homeruns. Hehehe
White Sox homeruns for that matter.
People who get too drunk. I have no problem with drinking at a game and being drunk at a game, but too often I see people who are outright smashed and shouldn't be around anyone.
Loud and annoying people, especially those college buggers. See the ban above this one.
Beach Balls
Blue Bunny!

Things to be brought into the new Target Field.
Lower concession prices
Target Dog vs TC match-ups on anything
Kemps! (We need REAL rally malt cups)
Dodge Ball... it's so much more fun than stupid people who can't throw a ball into the big inflatable bowl.
Walks will haunt new animation and cha-ching effects.
Keep the organ!! We have one of the better music guys/teams in the Major Leagues, I want them all the time.
Grass stains
Mandatory high socks
Ability to move to lower seats after 5th inning... at the very least, after the 7th inning stretch!!
More stuff that deals with races.. the horses, the kids around the bases, the people racing against the video board, even the walleye races...
That's all i got.

Katie said...

Oh Waldo...I know him well. Unfortunately.

This is getting to be such a good list! I love it. Thanks guys!

Anna said...

I like your ideas! :) Totally onboard with the cage match-up between the fugly Target dog and friends. I don't understand why I am always entertained by mascot physical encounters.

-I too wish for Coke instead of Pepsi.

-This is a long shot, but as a Target employee I was daydreaming... It would be neat if we had some sort of Target sign out in ...whatever field. And maybe it's like made out of paper or something. And if a homerun smashes it, there's 10% or more on all merchandise at a specific MN Target store.
yea.. that's probably too much.

Steph ♥ Harris!! said...

Harris is a beast, and is still under appreciated. AND he is taken, he is MY baseball boyfriend!! Go Harris!

As for Target field, i REALLY want a KARAOKE NIGHT!!! The giys would have to sing the songs they put as "the song i would sing for the team" in the 2008 yearbooks! It would be soo AWESOME and would get A LOT of people to come! Who wouldnt want to see our boys sing?!?!
Is there any way way we can make this hapen??


Kim said...

I'm sitting behind Waldo tonight. God help me.....

P.S. I also wish for Coke..Pepsi is blechy!

Word Verification - Undee (is any description needed on this one?)

Anonymous said...

i have seen "Waldo" before at many games and have waited around after the game with him MANY times. Does he KNOW the players??? PLEASE explain!!!

Katie said...

Yes, please explain...I seem to be lost with the Waldo guy. It's not the guy with the overly big and obnoxious glove is it?

Katie said...

Waldo is one of the resident collector/autograph hounds. He sits in the Home Run Porch and wears the white Torii Hunter hard-hat. He's a staple at every game... And he shows up in the background of center field web gems all the time.

Kim said...

Waldo..hmmmm... Well I know about him first of all because he is at all the games in a Waldo jersey and sits in center field. There was a big article in the paper about him when Torii left because Torii would give him the nod and waive before every home game. (His seat is in the front row of center). Anywho, now whoever is in center, Span or Gomez give him the nod. I believe he got his name because they kept showing him on t.v. and the announcers would start to look for him every game and kind of named him went from there. Something like that.

Other then that My mom said if you don't have anything nice to say about someone, don't say anything at all so that's all I know of the story. I don't know much about any pre or post game activities..but I'll admit he high fived me at the Twins/Brewers game. Hey who am I to turn down some good cheering for the team right?

That's all I know folks..he has some type of kismit connection with the center fielder.

k-bro said...

-- letting the fans keep the caps on our pop bottles

-- cup holders that don't tilt

-- keep the Hormel Row of Fame (I AM going to be in that row someday, dammit)

-- an actual souvenir shop (or two) instead of those tiny little booths/carts

-- keep playing "Crazy Train" when the Twins load the bases

Krissy said...

Real Coffee!!!!! I dont care who it is (OK Yes I do - Caribou -) but there needs to be real specialty coffee. Lattes,mochas etc for spring and fall and those yummy Coolers for summer!
Im also hoping the walleye fish taco idea goes forward.
Thats all I got...

Liz Strand said...

I tried to leave a comment off my iPod, and it apparently didn't like me, and stopped working right. so I'll try again! : )

Waffle fries sound really good and are making me hungry right now, and I have nothing resembling them in my cupboards. Walleye tacos sound fantastic too. I always hated the idea of fish tacos, until I tried fresh Grouper ones in Florida, and then I was in love. I had Walleye tacos at a restaurant in the Midtown Global Market...I'm drooling again now.

Target Field really just needs better food selection overall than the Metrodome. In all my baseball stadium traveling, no stadium had weaker choices than the dome - even Tropicana field, which I always say is worse than the dome simply because they built it after everyone realized the dome sucked. They should contact the people who do the Seattle Mariners Spring Training food. Amazing! Although that's set up like a state fair type thing, and is probably just like what is out on the plaza before the games now.

Will Season ticket holders be able to go to into that climate controlled glass area anytime? I'm counting on that!

Finally, my dad was on the original grounds crew at Met Stadium, and the idea of him dancing at any point, well, it's more than I can handle! He's very happy that the grounds crew will have "real" work to do again now. Not that converting the dome field isn't work, but it's not real Grounds Crew work!

Robynn said...

I went to the game thursday and realized they do have coke now at the dome. Not sure what I was thinking on that one.

Also, I wish for a for-real bullpen. like maybe with some ivy or greenery and partitions so batted balls dont hit our pitchers warming up. Heck, I'd even settle for some velvet ropes.

JS said...

Waffle fries in a mini helmet... avec fromage!


Reasonably priced beer?

And as embarrassing as it is, the Kiss Cam. I secretly love the Kiss Cam.