Monday, June 15, 2009

Off-Day Hodge Podge

The results of the past 10 games:

Series loss in Seattle
Series split in Oakland
Series win in Chicago

Do you see a pattern emerging?

Obviously the logical next step is: "Undefeated for the rest of the season."

Fingers crossed.

It was really fun being at .500 for a day on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed it while it lasted.

And now we're home for the Pirates and the Astros. I've grown quite fond of the Pirates, and I can't really bring myself to think mean cut-throat things about them. Luckily, my irrational hatred of the Houston Astros can pick up the slack, freeing my to think happy fluffy bunny thoughts about the Pirates, while channelling my fierce competitive rage (I hate them. I hate them. I hate them.) towards the Astros later this week. It works out OK.

I'm working on a secret project that requires me to do some number crunching of real statistics (as opposed the pretend, but no less important, statistics that I prefer crunching.) Some interesting things I felt like sharing:
  • Nearly half of adult women in the United States consider themselves at least casual fans of Major League Baseball.
  • Women account for more than 1/3 of the people who are "Avid MLB Fans."
  • While the number of men who consider themselves loyal or avid fans of Major League Baseball has been declining over the past several years, the number of female loyal or avid fans is basically the same now as it was in the 1930's. And in the over-30 age demographic, the number of female fans has grown steadily.
Moral of the story is, girls rock. And we make up a statistically significant chunk of the MLB audience, even if the media and advertisers choose to ignore that fact.

And more randomness, thanks to Anna M, who emailed this to case you haven't seen this yet. (I tried to embed the video...but it didn't work.)


k-bro said...

Yay Girls!

Caryn said...

i can't wait to hear about more of your super-secret project. this is astonishing.

how many of them hate pink hats?

Heidi said...

I think women are more likely to become MLB fans because baseball has more attractive players than any other sport. I'm just saying...
I think my irrational hatred of the Astros stems from the fact that lance berkman in no way resembles a puma, inspite of being nicknamed big puma.

Katie said...

Yay girls!!

And that video is hilarious and kinda scary, lmao

MyFavoriteLaRoche said...

so trudi and i were talking at yesterday's pirate thumping of the head case that is dontrell willis and the tigers. we agree, we can't hate your twins either. we too have grown fond of your sweet little team. think about it, this could be the second coming of glasnot between the american and national leagues! our two small market scrapping teams can put to rest the petty antics and feuds the two leagues may harbor against each other!

oh, and by all means you have my permission as an astros hater to hate away! i'm going to throw this out there - from the waist down, carlos lee has the shape of a curve woman - and he's not that fast or that great of a defender in left field. and lance berkmen, well. . .his mom calls him "fat elvis" cuz she thinks he looks like the king. . . but the older fat version of the king! but mr. hunter pence, well, he's a keeper! okay, let the hating everything astros begin!

hope you enjoy watching our boys, cuz we sure do!


House said...

Just so you know, none of you can twitter, or tweet or whatever ever again just so my thing is at the top over on your sidebar :) k thanks.

For The Love... said...

the video was hilarious! i don't think i can ever look at Mijares the same again.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Yeah, we need to figure out how many of them wear pink Mrs. *insert name here* shirts.

Anonymous said...

Girls do rule... and baseball does have the cutest players.

You should be happy to know that I announced to Section 206, Wrigley Field last Saturday in the 9th:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Hottest Closer in the MLB, Mr. Joe Nathan!!"

Always spreading the word. Glad to do it.