Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Kids Are All Right

The above title does not refer to anything having to do with the Twins/Indians game. Which was not all right in any sense.

So before we get to the rest of it, let's recap some of my thoughts from this game.

Dude, this sucks.
What?! Man, this sucks.
I hate Cliff Lee. 
I hate Cliff Lee so much.
Oh my god, we're gonna rumble! 
If this DID turn into a fight, I think it'd look a lot like the Jets and Sharks in A West Side Story.
No fight. 
Still hate Cliff Lee.
Oh...more sucking? Awesome.
Dear sweet Jesus, just make it stop.
etc. etc. etc.

Good times.

But elsewhere in baseball things were much more interesting.  The Pirates traded Nate McClouth to Atlanta. Which is weird. And, made me sad for the Pirates, and a little sad for myself and Lipgloss & Baseball and Company Woman Amanda (Got you linked this time!)...because our upcoming Awesome Pittsburgh Adventure just got a little less adorable. Nate McClouth=always very likeable. Frowny faces, all around.

Of course, on the bright side, here comes Andrew McCutchen!  

I'm excited about this development. 

Of course, his extreme awesomeness WOULD have to be added to the Pirates roster just in time for Interleague at the Metrodome....Hopefully the Twins saw enough of him in Florida to be on their toes. (Pssst......He's  speedy, y'all.)

And the Braves called up Little Tommy Hanson to replace Tom Glavine in the rotation. (Boy, the Braves were busy today.) He promises to be an exciting young pitcher to keep an eye on, if you're into that sort of thing.  Which, obviously, we are.

And the dreaded White Sox have called up young phenom Gordon Beckham to play shortstop.  He was literally in AAA for like a week, where he tore things up like he was Godzilla in Tokyo. This should be an interesting experiment. It's either going to a complete disaster (good for us, bad for them) or a terrifying success (bad for us, good for them). I don't predict much of a gray area here. Either way, it'll be something to see.

So, I'm glad that there are interesting things happening to take my mind off of this last Twins game.  This day game is Baker vs. Fausto Carmona.  Hmm....the way things have been going for those 2 pitchers, it's entirely possible that the scoreboard will look like it's a Vikings/Browns game. Here's hoping we come out on top! Go Twins!


Heidi said...

Why do the Pittsburgh Pirates insist on being Major League Baseball's own personal minor league team giving away their decent players? It makes me sad for the people of Pittsburgh. But not too sad, as they have good football and hockey teams.

Kristina said...

Well to be fair, the Pirates used to be awesome. Like, back in 1908 when they still had Honus Wagner. And, you know, after that too... poor guys.

Cait said...

An excellent alternative to watching last night's game? Going to see Up. WAY better, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

You'll be happy to know, I still stayed til the 9th inning.


francie said...

hey, hey, now. . . be nice to my pirates! heidi, truth be told, nate is great yes, but he's over-rated. until sunday's homerun against houston, he was 0-25. i saw him swing at many, many, many very bad pitches so far this short season. as my friend and i have talked, nate was able to get good pitches last season due to bay an nady being in front/behind him. but once they got traded, he was terrible the rest of the season.

defensively nate is statically not as good as what pittburgher think he is. don't get me wrong, i've seen him make some great plays but he doesn't have the speed that andrew does. so they had to play the left fielder more in left center which made us valunerable to the line drives down the left line. i sit on the left line so i saw alot that nyjer could have got to if he was shaded more towards the line. and another factor in giving up nate was that of all the position on the field, outfield is where the pirates are really stocked at and have the most major league ready talent. it was the safest position to refill and not worry about a dent in the line up. the pirates front office made a very good business decision - they bought low in nate and sold him high when he was at his highest value. nate came up through our system - he was signed out of high school so there's history w/ him. that's what makes this move hard - it's the human factor. but the 3 we got in return - we need pitching really baddly. trust me, i've been to many minor league games from the AA and triples that show me we have nothing in the pipe line ready to fill injury gaps or lack of production gaps. so we need major league ready arms now - not over priced veterans but young developed talent. we have, i would aurge, the best pitching coach in the majors in joe kerrigan. so that says alot of our front office that they trust our coaches to fully develope young un-proven talent.

sorry for the rant i'm just tired of pittsburgher and beyond crapping on our front office for their decision. this brass is not the dave littlefield/cam bonify era. these guys DO know what they are doing. they are in a catch 22 - they are damed if they do and if they don't. neil huntington has been upfront from the beginning when he said that no player is untradable. if the front office thinks a trade is good for the future of winning baseball in pittsburgh - he will do it. as a leader you have to make the unpopular decision to improve the organization you are leading. this wasn't about salary dumping it was about winning in the near future - like next year!

and we are good this year but we are not contender good yet - but we will be. i wouldn't have dropped a grand on season tickets for the fun of it.

thanks for reading my book on pirates baseball!


Liz Strand said...

Back when my best friend moved to Pittsburgh on '86, and lived across the street from Sid Bream,I thought the Pirates were good...or maybe I just thought that after Sid went to the mailbox in his robe (with pajama pants underneath- no Dino Cicerelli moment here).