Friday, June 19, 2009

I love nonsense. And monkeys on skates. And Emilio Estevez.

So I had meant to post about this earlier...but I got sidetracked by the Favorite Things Apocalypse Now disaster.

But. Moving on.

People who know me best probably realize that there are 2 things I love most in this world:

1) Sports
2) Wasting time thinking about ridiculous nonsense

[Ooh...and puppies! So, I guess there are 3 things I love best. But for the purposes of trying to make a graceful segue, we're going to forget about the puppies for a sec.]

Given that I love both sports and nonsense to a pretty significant degree, you can imagine how much I love THIS!

Assuming each team is at its peak ability, you pick the fictional TV/Movie sports team/figure you think would win each dream match-up. It's amazingly fun. I love all of the match-ups, but I especially like Hoosiers v. Teen Wolf, the Wildcats from High School Musical v. the Tornadoes from Hang Time (Did anyone else love Hang Time as much as I did?! Probably not...) and my very favorite--the Mighty Ducks vs. MVP: Most Valuable Primate.

In fact, if you download and listen to this week's Play Ball with Amanda and Melissa podcast, you can hear my detailed analysis of the Mighty Ducks/MVP battle on ice. I would tell you how much time I spent thinking about that particular match-up...but it's embarrassing, quite frankly. And trust me, if you've never ever downloaded a podcast before...this is the one to download. Seriously. How many times in your lifetime will you get to hear my thoughts about the offensive effectiveness of ice-skating primates? (wait a second....don't answer that.)

And if you feel particularly moved by any of the match-ups, you should write your own breakdown and email it to

I think an influx of emails from Twins fans who also love nonsense (and let's face it...there are a LOT of us) would take us one step closer to world domination. And isn't that really what it's all about?

And obviously, you should vote vote vote. Because as we all learned in civics class, if you don't vote, you can't complain. And then if Youngblood beats Justin Morneau's favorite movie Slap Shot, you'll have no one to blame but yourself. And I will tell Justin what you did.

And as long as I already mentioned nonsense...Today I felt like inventing a new word. So, I kind of decided that "jargle" should be a word. What do you think it should mean? My first thought was that it should describe the act of simulataneous juggling and gargling....but that seems like it might be limiting, you know? You guys are so good at the word verification game, I figured I'd open it up to you.


Kristina said...

It's TOTALLY all about world domination. I've been saying this for years. I think there are enough smart and crafty Twins fans that we could probably do it...

Jeremiah said...

Jargle - The process Twins fans use when assigning adorable quotients to team players.
"I'm going to jargle the rookies during spring training"

Hmm... it seems kinda right and dirty at the same time. I LIKE IT!

oh, for the heck of it

word: struc
This is how a lot of people think Struck is actually spelled now due to crappy schools, text messaging and instant messaging.

Liz Strand said...

I voted for Youngblood, because Rob Lowe was adorable, and I loved him in West Wing when I finally got around to seeing Youngblood.