Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Caveat Emptor

On StubHub, someone is selling tickets to the final game in the Dome for over $8,000 each. They're row 6 in the Home Run Porch.

Are you f-ing kidding me?

I'm trying to imagine a circumstance where I would be willing to pay $8,000 for any seats in the Dome.

Nope, there is none.

I wouldn't pay $8,000 to sit in the dugout, with a special honorary celebrity Twin-for-a-Day guest like Adam Rodriguez or James Franco, much less crappy get hit in the head with beachballs and have people yell at you for not participating in the Wave Home Run Porch seats. 

No thanks. 

And this is coming from someone who actually LOVES the Dome.

I'm not really sure what the seller is thinking. Most of the other Home Run Porch tickets are selling for $50. Still a little too much, in my opinion, but for Dome history I guess it's OK.

I already have my tickets for that game anyway, I was just curious and bored.

Sometimes when I'm bored (ie, when there is no baseball), I look at StubHub for random things. Looking at StubHub can be really entertaining.

Like one entry, for Twins tickets close to home plate. The seller describes them as "Behind home plate.....by Joe Mauer." Which I'm sure would be a great selling point for a lot of folks. Except that the game in question is a day game after a night game, and the odds of Joe Mauer actually catching in that game are about the same as the odds that I will be called up to pitch in relief. Clearly, seller, you are new here.

And even more glaring than that little bit of probably-false advertising, is a different guy who boasted that from the 1st row Metrodome seats he's selling, you can "smell the grass."


Those would be some pretty miraculous seats. Perhaps that dude was smelling some grass of his own when he wrote that.

In other news, it looks like I might be heading to Pittsburgh for some estrogen-infused baseball hijinks later this summer with Lipgloss & Baseball. This was an impulsive decision made in about 5 minutes via excessive Twittering, and yet....it sure seems like one of the best plans I've ever had. Go figure. 

(Francie & Co in Pittsburgh, you should email me at the addy on my blogger profile...I have questions and you are now officially our Pittsburgh Pirates experts!)


Katie said...

That's what I've been seeing on eBay too. Tickets going for thousands. I love the Dome, but how about some cheaper seats people, especially for those of us serious about going to the game, like myself!

Jeremiah said...

Thousands of dollars... interesting. I wonder what the scalpers on the streets are going to sell them at.

I can actually think of the situation where $8,000 would be a bargain. First off, you're picked up in a Limo driven by Nick Punto. Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer are serving refreshments in the limo. The entire Twins organization acts like a major bodyguard unit and escorts you to your seats. You are surrounded by former Twins greats which includes Kirby Puckett, reanimated from the dead. Zombie Kirby promptly eats the brains of anyone who tries to catch YOUR homerun balls. You get food catered to you for free, get to throw out all three of the Ceremonial First Pitches, are guaranteed the starting pitcher of your choice who is guaranteed a perfect game, all the Twins get a homerun AND you get to see Joe Nathan close the game for the save, even though the score is something like 25 to 0 and the starting pitcher got a perfect game. After all, you DID pay $8,000 a seat for this game, you should dictate how the rules go. Any hit batter by a Twins pitcher is immediately ruled Out! After all, he got in the way of the ball, he should be out.

Afterwards, you get to throw your own party in the Dome celebrating the awesomeness of the Twins and all adorable MLB players are there to celebrate with you. You are then driven home in the limo with the Twinkies of your choice and tucked in by them. They also cook you breakfast the next morning.

That might be worth $8000 a seat.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

YEAH BABY! I love how twitter EXPLODED with East Coast meet-ups! It's gonna be epic! EPIC I TELL YOU!!!

BTW, sometimes I exlain a seat I get tickets to with "behind Morneausey's ass".

Nikki said...

StubHub SUCKS. Last year I looked into selling some tickets there and this is what I found out...

Stubhub takes a 25% commission after the sale occurs (10% from the buyer, 15% from the seller).

Suppose there’s a ticket on sale for $100. The buyer will pay $110 to purchase the ticket, factoring in a 10 percent commission to Stubhub, and a shipping and handling fee either for overnight delivery or pickup at a Stubhub office. The seller receives $85, thanks to a 15 percent commission on the other end.

I get pissed off at MLB just thinking about the fact that they're partnering with Stubhub...25% commission, seriously?!? But, like I said, that was last year and this could have changed.

Heidi said...

$8,000! Really?! I'd better get to make out with Joe Mauer and sit with Denard Span's mom for that price!
I've only had one stubhub experience and I haven't been to the game yet. Someone was selling their third baseline seats at Busch stadium for the Twins/Cards series for about face value. I couldn't turn it down.

Anonymous said...

As a season ticket holder, I get a chance to buy my season seat for all of the post season (refundable for any games not played)

Last year I got the paperwork for my seat all the way through the World Series... that would be one ticket to each game... I think THAT ran about $4,000

... still, if I could sit next to Denard's mom, and Zombie Puckett and be tucked in by Joe(s) and Justin... maybe


Anonymous said...

besides... as we are all VERY aware... Oct 4 will not be the last Twins game at the Dome, just the last "regular season" game



JS said...

Pittsburgh?? I just found out my brother is spending a week in Pitt. I am overcome with envy.

Hilarious post, by the way. Have fun with the Pirates and possibly Garrett Jones.

Amanda said...

I know I don't have a blog to link to, but I do have a podcast. No love for the Play Ball co-host participating in the Pittsburgh tweet-up? I'm hurt.

P.S. I can't comment on StubHub publicly, but I wish I could.

Katie said...

There's plenty of love for our Play Ball! baseball trip cohort!

I just posted this before I knew for sure you were a go :)

francie said...

i'm email you girls tomorrow. got home from the pirate game where my battling bucs out pitched and out hit the mets to give johan santana his 3 loss.

not sure where you and friend will be sitting but would love to try and hook you up w/ tickets on our side - 3 have season tickets on the 3rd base side. this give a nice view of not only the city but also...of...well, our 3rd basemen!

i've got some great garrett jones pics from the trip to columbus, oh trudi and i took to see the pirates aaa team.

okay, need to go to bed - that darn day job thing comes around early.


ps - matt capps is back and pitching like the big bull rider he is!