Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It's not that we're particularly bad...

OK.  With runners in scoring position, we are just a little bit bad.  I'll admit.

But overall, things haven't been nearly as bad as the box-scores would have you believe.

So explain to me why tonight, in particular, felt so soul-crushingly painful to watch?

I think it's because you can tell it's starting to really get to the players.  And that's no fun.  It makes me feel bad, and I think someone should do something about it.  NOT that I am in any way advocating any sort of peer-pressure-group-haircut nonsense...but a little morale boost is probably in order.  Might I suggest a lovely team-building game of laser-tag?  Or maybe a talent show....with skits and dancing! Or maybe just a field-trip to a local shelter to play with puppies (pictures, please).  Whatever works.  But we need to do something to find the happy.  Because the happy is definitely missing.

In other news, remember last summer I had a poll up about which fandom you found most irritating?  If I recall correctly the options went something like this:

B)White Sox
D)Red Sox

Hmm....take a look at the schedule this month.  I take this as proof positive that someone in Selig's office reads the blog and dislikes me and wants to make me miserable via baseball scheduling annoyances.  Plus, how else do you explain the lameness of our home interleague schedule? Or the fact that the series in Milwaukee is a mid-week?  I'm taking it as a personal attack.

And last but not least, thoughts and prayers go out to the Young family, obviously.  Poor Delmon.


Jeremiah said...

I concur with your assessment. Not to mention that they play 33 games in a row with no break?? That's ridiculous. Bud Selig hates the Twins, he's always been jealous that he's so ugly and the Twins have always been adorable.

I also agree that it's unfortunate about Delmon Young's mother. Tragedy is never something to cheer about.

I got nothing else and don't feel like word verification.

Heidi said...

Soul crushing is the best way to describe the last 5 games. However, the news of someone losing their mother kind of puts everything into perspective.
I'm going to the game tonight so hopefully, my presence will be the catalyst the boys need to get it done!
The road interleague schedule is pretty fun, though. I'm going to STL for a game and a free trip to the brewery. Its going to be legendary!

Cait said...

You know what we need? We need a nice, long, healing round of naked batting practice.

I think that would make everyone (players and fans alike) a little more chipper.

Robynn said...

My soul IS so crushed. My heart goes out to all the boys, especially Delmon. These tragedies should put into perspective the important things in life.

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For The Love... said...

you see the news about breslow? he's now an oakland a's player

Katie said...

Yeah. I saw. I'm unhappy, but not surprised. Things were not going well baseball-wise.

Oakland is a bad destination. Now he has to grow gross facial hair and learn how to knife-fight.

Robynn said...

Why not Crain???!

S.Rail said...

I am SO happy Breslow is gone. Yes, he's a great guy, but he can't throw a strike to save his life. Bad thing: He was the smartest guy in all of baseball...

Jeremiah said...

Breslow wasn't that bad, much like everyone else, I think he was just going through rough times. Don't get me wrong, he was having worse times than most others, but it's unfortunate. Why not Crain? Hi... the consistent guy in the bullpen right now is Crain, and he's doing well.

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