Monday, May 18, 2009

Stickers > Losing

You know, every year I try to be optimistic and think "Maybe this is the year we will get over our irritating Yankee-Complex. Maybe this year...."

And I admit, I was even more optimistic than usual this year. New stadium and all.  And lately, the Yankees haven't been very....good.  Surely, surely the baseball gods would look down upon us with favor this year.


Yeah.  Not so much.

So, I give up.  Normally, I'd root really hard for a face-saving win tonight.  But I think instead I will just assume we'll lose.  And then if by some miracle we DON'T, it will be happy bonus time. 
On the brighter side, we haven't exactly been humiliated yet.  That's a good step forward.  

I think that "All right boys, let's not embarrass ourselves out there tonight!" is an appropriate pep-talk for this evening's festivities.

Of course, on the flip-side, these losses have all been of the gut-wrenching heart-breaking variety.  It reminds me of a quote from the vastly underrated, underwatched comedy film Hamlet 2: "Hope is a demon bitch."  Indeed.

If you Twitter, make sure you follow Company Woman Amanda tonight. She'll be at the game and tweeting from Yankee Stadium.  She'll be rooting for the wrong side, but she's actually a very nice Yankees fan who says nice things about the Twins.  And her Tweets are always fun and sporty. 

Onto something happier than this Yankees series.  I signed up for my membership to the MLB Insider's Club online a few days ago.  But today I also got an invite in the mail.  In the paper version, you have to put the sticker of your preferred team on the form, so they send you the right stadium blanket. 

But since I already signed up, I don't need the paper form. Which means I now have a sheet of stickers with every MLB club's logo and I can do anything I want with them.  Yay!  What do you think I should do with them?  

I mean, I have to do something fun with them because...


I love stickers.



Heidi said...

if stickers didn't have a problem with water, I'd suggest sticking one sticker of the team that you have the most hatred for to the inside of your toilet bowl. I'll let you fill in the rest.

Jeremiah said...

At least our starting pitchers have been doing their jobs, which was problematic earlier this year. Now we just need to get the relief pitchers on board, as well as our outfielders... Span, Gomez... I'm looking at you two with some of those missed balls. And the Umps who like calling phantom outs on the Twins and phantom strikes on everyone.
Which reminds me... WOULD SOMEONE SWING AT A FASTBALL BELT HIGH DOWN THE PIPE!! I saw the entire heart of our lineup take that pitch several times in the past 3 days. What could possibly be going through their minds? "Well that's a great pitch, but I think I'll wait for one on the outside corner slightly low that they've been calling all weekend for strikes when it really should be ball 4."

As for stickers: Teams you don't like, if you have a dartboard, use for target practice, if you don't have a dartboard, make something you can use them for target practice with. Ones you like... if you have any sort of instrument or Rock Band/Guitar Hero instrument... they make great rocking stickers to identify your instrument from someone else's.

Word: sottestr
Internet shorthand for "sunken old telephone tester" because of all the old telephones that have been sunken... (it's not easy coming up with some of these, leave me alone!!) *cries*

Katie said...

I dunno. They're pretty small stickers, and I'm pretty lousy at darts...

Katie said...

I just go with the theory if we get a run against the Yankees I'm happy. I don't look for much when we play them, which is frustrating, but it just seems to be the way it goes.

Anonymous said...

Apply the tiny stickers to tiny uniforms for a reenactment of the All Star Game... using hamsters.

That's all I got.


Katie said...

Ooh...Tiny Hamster All-Star Game. I LIKE it! I'm guessing that it would involve slightly less baseball and a lot more terrified pooping than the real game.