Monday, May 25, 2009

Mojo. Jou Jou. Whatever you want to call it.

Well, I'd say it was a successful weekend for the Twins, as I kept myself and my bad mojo quarantined away from the team I love.
I did test the waters, to see if my bad luck had worn off yet, on Sunday by wearing a Twins shirt. The Twins won, but there was all that nasty HBP nonsense, so I decided not to chance it today and stayed away one more day. So, I take no blame for this one. I have a feeling that even if we all had all the good mojo in the Universe working for us, the result would be the same.

Having purposely avoided watching (to avoid involuntary cheering) today's game, I can't say too much about it. But I WILL say that, if what I heard was true, booing Delmon Young=unnecessary and classless. This isn't Philly. Have a heart.

While I did my best to ward bad jou jou off for the Twins, there was nothing I could do to help the poor poor players on my fantasy baseball teams. During the past week, countless have fallen to injury and/or crippling horrible-at-baseball slumps. I think my luck is turning now (fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc. etc.), but the past week or so, I have been the kiss of death. As I considered some roster moves in a couple leagues, I just drummed my fingers together, Mr. Burns-style and said "Hmmm....whose career do I want to ruin THIS week?"

But like I said, I think/hope/pray my luck is shifting a bit so I might even try to enjoy a Twins game and cheer for the right side again. Unless something bad happens, obviously.

[EDIT] I may have spoken too soon about my luck shifting....I wrote it before I saw that hand-crushing line drive that took Pirates' closer Matt Capps out. Matt is on two of my fantasy teams. Draw your own conclusions.

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Heidi said...

I've taken out two third basemen by putting them on my fantasy team. troy glaus and alex gordon both went down after I added them.