Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I think this day deserves a "woot!"

10 Baseball Things That Made Me Happy Today

1. Twins Win. Against an AL East team, even! 
2. Nick Blackburn=Awesome. SO Awesome.
3. Nick Punto=Also Awesome. Clearly it was a good night to be named Nick.
4. Justin Morneau being Justin Morneau and doing Justin Morneau-type things. Did we all not see that HR coming the second they walked Joe Mauer to get to Justin? Silly Red Sox....Walks Will Haunt. It says so right on our big jumbotron screen.
5. Matt Guerrier+Joe Nathan looking like the Minnesota Twins bullpen we know and love.
6. Carlos Gomez and Delmon Young making up for offensive struggles with game-saving defense. Way to contribute guys!
7. Ian Kinsler. Really just for being alive and playing baseball and wearing high socks. 
8. Joe Crede didn't break his hand.
9. Neither did Matt Capps!
10. Matt Weiters is getting called up on Friday. Not that this helps me as a Twins fan, it's just exciting to get to see new uber-talents get a chance in the Bigs. They used to say he was going to be "like Joe Mauer, but with power." Now, I guess they have to just say he's going to be "exactly like Joe Mauer."  (FYI This just leaves Andrew McCutchen of the Pirates to get called up to satisfy my prospect excitement for the year. I love Andrew McCutchen. He's got awesome hustle, and is quite possibly one of the nicest players in the world, based on my own brief anecdotal evidence.)

There were clearly more than 10 Awesome Things that happened today, but my head hurts and I need feel free to add anything I missed!


Anonymous said...

We've been talking... and hoping... that "Walks Will Haunt" will somehow make it over to Target Field. Perhaps in some slicked-up CGI version with realistic 3D images?

OK. That's probably asking too much. but it would be sweet!


John said...

Kaite, you may be my soul mate! I came across your blog earlier today and we have the exact same and Twins baseball! I think that it's incredible that you know so much at the sport, no offense, but I have never met a woman that knows who Matt Wieters is. I actually write a blog with my buddy Chris. He is an O's fan and I am the Twinkies fan. We both live in Northern Virginia so I'm stuck watching the O's and Nat's every night. I actually commented about the comparisons people have been making between Wieters and Mauer as well. Check it out, We blog about baseball cards as well, so it gets a little nerdy. Love your blog keep up the good work. I added a link to your site from mine. Take it easy.

Go Twins

Anonymous said...

how about that nice little playy by Harris. He is sooo awesome!

Heidi said...

my streak of not starting blackburn on my fantasy team and he pitches extremely well continues.

francie said...

Hi there,
You girls don't know me, but my friend and I have been reading your blog since spring training in March. We are Pirate fans and so love you humor and perspective on the game we all love; baseball!

As a proud Pirate fan, I wanted to thank you for cheering Matt Capp's recovery. He just got off of the DL and has been doing better w/ his saves. It would have been a terrible thing to have him and Ryan Doumit both out.

Also, wanted to throw you made props for still being Garret Jones fan. I got to talk w/ him and get a ball signed during our day in Dunedin at the Blue Jay's/ Pirates game. Not only is he a great player but. . . well. . . I think you know what I'm talking about -- he rather fine!

And yes, we fans in the Burg are all waiting on the edge of our seats for Mr. Andrew - but don't look for it this year as long as Nyjer Morgan continues to dazzle in left field. I forsee them bringing him up for a short stint during Sept. call ups and then he'll play next season.

Anyway, thanks the female take on the game!
Francie from Pittsburgh

S.Rail said...

I saw Ian Kinsler on TV yesterday and thought the same thing: HIGH SOCKS! :)