Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Thoughts

I feel cranky.  

And judging by the comments people are leaving on various other blogs and news outlets...a lot of people feel cranky.  And they sound a lot crankier than me, actually.  And then I feel more cranky reading other people's crankiness and it's a vicious circle of crankiness.

And that's no way to start a home-stand.  

Let's try to turn the luck around again with happy thoughts.

I'll go first, but then I'll leave it up to you.  Everyone leave a happy thought.  I know you have them.  Share with the class, please.  Baseball related happy thoughts are preferable, but at this point I think we'll take any sort of happy thought we can get.  Lame knock-knock jokes are also welcome.

Here's mine: 

The letters in "Minnesota Twins" can be rearranged to spell "Antsiest Minnow" AND "Tiniest Snowman." Both of which sound like the titles to very adorable childrens books.  Awww.

Your turn....


Waterboy23 said...

Happy thought ... It was $1 beer night and tailgating at the Saints game last night.

PatGLex said...'s sunny where I live right now, after 5 straight days of clouds and rain (and some of those days were supposed to be sunny)!

Oblig. baseball content: Joe Mauer is playing with the Big Club!

nonrel. baseball content: my closest pro team, the Cincinnati Reds (previously known as Twins East) is actually doing well so far this season and actually might be worth going north to watch.

TelegaWoman said...

Happy thought: Manny's out. This probably says evil things about me, but that story just made me laugh.

Kim said...

Hmmm..well let's see. The boys get to use their pink bats on Sunday. Not sure if that qualifies as a happy thought, but it kind of makes me laugh to see a big bad baseball player with a pink bat :o)

Word verification - snise - a sneeze with no swine flu germs in it.

Tricia said...

Well...even though they're not playing up to their potential right now, the Twins have the most adorable lineup in MLB. And the most adorable starting rotation.

Anonymous said...

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...

Matt Tolbert is super adorable and he's with the big club now.

Cuddy is hitting better and continues to rock the high socks, so that's fantastic.

They're playing tonight, so they have an opportunity to play better baseball and win!

Word verification: ledilli
I'll just let everyone draw their own conclusion on that one...


Mh said...

When the twins are doing things in the field that upset me it is possible to

A) go for a walk (cuz it is so nice out)

B) Flip the channel to a hockey game Playoff OT Bearded caveman hockey (what is not to like)

C) Occasionally they show Joe and Justin sitting next to each other in the dugout and I know all is right in the world.

D)Finally and most importantly there is all ways tomorrow and I know my Boyz will get them then.

For The Love... said...

happy thoughts? 1. manny got busted. 2. he got busted for using female fertility drugs...that's gotta make anyone laugh!

(i don't like manny, so sorry to those who do.)

k-bro said...

Knock knock.

Who's there?



Amsterdam tired of losing.

Knock Knock!

Who's there?


Aardvark who?

Aardvark a million miles for a win.

Jessica said...

Pork chop and mashed potato walk into a restaurant, but the hostess promptly tells them "Sorry we don't serve dinner."

Anonymous said...

Lame pun/happy thought:

As I stared at the baseball, I wondered why it was getting bigger... Then it hit me.

Kim said...

A string walks into a bar and the bartender says we don't serve strings here. He walks outside, ties himself in a knot and messes up his hair. He walks back into the bar, the bartender says I thought I told you we don't serve strings here, aren't you a string. The string says..not I'm a frayed knot..da da dum!

Katie said...

My happy thought is the Twins will win tonight and I get to meet Michael Cuddyer tomorrow!

Heidi said...

Things that made me happy today, maybe won't do it for the rest of you. New Kids on the Block were on the Today show this morning and it was wonderfully cheesey. And I got to take a 2 hour long nap.
I'm also happy that Favre isn't unretiring.

Anonymous said...

Harris is playing tonight and im soo happy, he deserves many many starts!!And im going to see him tomorrow over Cuddy or Red Dog.
Harris is my favorite, and he wears high socks!! im soo excited!!
Go Harris!
Go Twins!!
♥ Steph

Anonymous said...

D Span is awesome
Matty T is adorable
Matty G is doing very well
M & M still rockin'
Im going to the Brewers game 2 weeks from today


k-bro said...

Oh, it just occurred to me that because I mentioned "aardvark," you might have another dream about David Aardsma. I hope that's ok.

Anonymous said...

Coming in late on the Happy Thoughts, but I'd been thinking for nearly a week that Scotty Baker would Most. Definitely. Win. His. Next. Game. And he did!

Which brings me to another point. I remember at the beginning of the season, I was thinking of breaking things off with Joe Nathan as my baseball boyfriend, because I thought Scott Baker needed me more.

Then I got scared to dump Nathan because Scotty got injured. I thought this was a sign I should stay with Joe. It occurs to me now that this was really a sign that yes, I do need to be with Scotty.

So I'm very torn. I'm not sure on the rules of baseball boyfriend breakups, or having more than one. But one thing is abundantly clear. I HAVE to be a Scott Baker Girl... for the sake of the whole team.

and PS.
tomorrow I'm in the second row! My best seats ever! Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Also... here's an inappropriate somewhat dirty joke. It is baseball related in that it was told to me by a bartender in Milwaukee when we were there for a Twins/Brewers game:

John goes to the doctor for a checkup. He goes into the doctor's office, puts on the little gown, and sits down on the table to wait for the doctor.

After a few minutes the doctor comes into the room, takes one look at John and says, "John! You really need to stop masturbating!"

"But Doctor, Why?"

"Because I'm trying to examine you!"


S.Rail said...

Always remember: Matt Tolbert and puppies. It makes me happy :)

For The Love... said...

I have a good happy thoughts. Check out this page on get to watch Cuddy do magic. It made me happy.