Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ghosts of Twins teams past, and a Twitter proclamation

With an off-day yesterday, and only 4 MLB games to choose from to entertain myself with baseball, I wound up catching up with some old friends.

First, I checked out the Mets/Braves game that our Johan Santana was pitching. Aside from ESPN highlights and boxscores, I have to say I have not been able to bring myself to really follow a Santana Mets start until now. I'm happy for Mets fans, because Johan is awesome. But we loved Johan so much, for so long, it's still a little bit painful to hear people talk about him like he's some new phenomenon. Like our time together never existed. And when analysts continue to mention what a steal he was for the Mets, it twists a dull little knife in my stomach. But I'm better this season. I can move on and appreciate things for what they are. And yesterday wasn't so bad. But I do have to ask....do the other Mets hate him? I can't imagine why. He is nice and charming and has a winning smile. Why won't they win for him? Errors, no run support...poor Johan. I wanted to give him a hug. Well, I wanted to give him a hug more than I usually do anyway. Or maybe give him two hugs. And a cookie. And a pat on the head. Poor poor Johan.

And then I switched over to the Reds/D-Backs game, because I kind of like the Reds a little. And lo and behold, playing the rold of D-backs mop-up pitcher in a losing blow-out was our good friend Bobby Korecky. Things did not go so well for poor Bobby. We'll leave it at that.

But, as sort-of-fun as it was seeing old pals, I will be happy to get back to regularly scheduled Twins baseball.

And speaking of Twins....the Twins organization has it's own official Twitter account now. They're catching up with the times! You can find it here. Now that we have the club baby-stepping into brave new worlds, a few of us like-minded bloggers/twitterers came up with a brilliant idea last night. I've written it out all formal-like:

WHEREAS the Twitter phenomenon is exploding towards bonefide mainstreamness, and
WHEREAS the Official Twins Organization has now joined the movement, and
WHEREAS the Minnesota Twins are the only AL Central team without verified player Twitter users, and
WHEREAS that fact makes us sad and a little bit embarrassed,
NOW THEREFORE be it proclaimed that we think 1 or more members of the Twins team (we might also settle for minor league representatives) should have a legit Twitter account (The Mauer/Morneau fanclub tweets do not count).

It doesn't have to be anything too fancy. Here are some examples from the AL Central: Curtis Granderson, Chris Getz, Coco Crisp, Matt LaPorta, Joakim Soria

Since he's always a good spokesman for the team, we thought maybe Cuddy could start it off. And maybe his Twitter account could be called "CuddyTweets". Just a thought that we had. (There may have been a little chanting.)

But if Cuddy's not up for it, I'm sure we'd be more than happy to help come up with an awesome Twitter username for any player who's game.


k-bro said...

May I also add an amendment that the player be required to tweet no less than once a week (more than that is encouraged)?

Katie said...

Hear hear!

It takes the same amount of time as a text message. Once a week is totally reasonable, unless you live with an Amish family.

I particularly like it when players tweet on road-trips. It's cool learning little tidbits about other ballparks and cities.

Waterboy23 said...

How about if little Nicky Punto starts one .... Called Nick Twit. Just a thought .....

Katie said...

If they can text during a rain delay, they can Tweet during a rain delay. It takes the same amount of time!

westwardyank said...

How about ScottBakerMeATweet

Tricia said...

I still miss Johan too. More than I miss Torii.

I think a player or two from the Twins is morally obligated to Tweet once in a while. Get with the times, guys!

Heidi said...

Steve Phillips explained to me last night that the Mets don't give Johan much run support because they trust him too much as the ace of their staff to throw great so they only need to score 1 or 2 runs. He then started comparing the Mets to a scab and they needed to be scratched to make them angry so they start playing with passion. I didn't quite understand it.
Also, Johan is the Hallmark MLB Keepsake ornament this year! it actually looks more like him than some of the players in past years. you can find it here: http://www.hallmark.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product%7C10001%7C10051%7C940947%7C215589;221071;221114%7Cnull%7CP1R4SO%7Cstores
I'm going to buy it and make a little Twins uniform for it because I'm still a little bit in denial that he plays for the mets.
As far as tweeting Twins, I'd vote for Cuddy or Little Nicky Punto. They'd be fun.

Jeremiah said...

It's odd that Johan doesn't get much run support no matter whom he plays for. There were many a time when the Twinkies didn't give him run support either. Although, we also didn't create many mistakes or errors (usually).

As far as people for Twitter... still not a big fan, only 4 people following on there, but if I had to choose someone, I think Mr. Neshek would be the best, since he was the first on MySpace and Facebook with any real content and constantly uses both. I know, he's currently not touring with the Twins... but he could. PatPitches could be his tweet name.

Word: Poeven
I'm so poeven i can't afford to pay attention!

PatGLex said...

I vote for a pitcher, only because it might be harder to tweet during a game if you're a position player. Although I wouldn't object to any of the suggestions in the blog. I just entered the Twitter frontier recently (at the urging of some friends) and although I only follow a few people I'd love to follow a Twin....

Katie said...

I'm guessing using Twitter during a game would be a no-no for every club (Think Bucks player Charlie Villanueva's half-time twittering broohaha). But thoughts after a game...Random tidbits of MLB info (a week ago I learned that Brandon Inge has an LCD screen built into his suitcase to play video games on roadtrips)...stuff like that is all cool and interesting to fans.

New Twitter users, make sure you give it some time. It's addictive once you get the hang of it.

The Twins front office keeps flip-flopping which is their official Twitter account. First it was Twins_Territory, then it was TwinsRule, now it's back to Twins_Territory. Pick one and stick to it guys!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning the SI Pop grid in your twitter! :) I wouldn't have seen it otherwise...

Katie said...

You're welcome!