Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Frequently Googled Questions

Well....poop.  That was messy.  

I will hope those three errors were part of some wacky elaborate Cinco de Mayo prank that I don't understand, and NOT something we intend on making a habit of.

Anyone else have a sense of deja vu with Rincon on the mound in a wildly lop-sided game?

Let's do something fun.

It's been a while since I have cracked open some Frequently Googled Questions.  As most of you know, every once in a while I like to have a look at the odd questions and phrases that bring people to the blog.  It's both fun and informative. Yay!

Scheels Brewers Merchandise 
If you are looking to buy Brewers merchandise, you should definitely check out my nearest Scheels.  Because they have a LOT of it.  Really cute and awesome things too, which would be super great if you happen to be a Brewers fan.  You know what my nearest Scheels does NOT have? A lot of cute and awesome Twins merchandise.  Even though the Twins are the MLB franchise that is closest, geographically speaking. Whatever. I'm over it. I hope Scheels and the Googling Brewers fans are very happy together.  Stupid Scheels.

Baseball Game First Date Tips
Tip number 1: Don't. See a detailed explanation here
Tip number 2: If you must MUST go to a baseball game for your first date, and you don't have any independent interest in/knowledge of baseball....try not to sit by me. 

Baseball Facts
Oh dear.  I'm pretty sure that you are in the wrong place.  But I will do my best to help.
Baseball Fact 1: The Twins are more likely to win if I walk counter-clockwise around the Metrodome to get to my gate.
Baseball Fact 2: Grady Sizemore is not that hot.
Baseball Fact 3: Saltalamacchia is the funnest baseball player name to say.

Baseball Players Who Wear High Socks
Here's a short list: Pat Neshek, Brendan Harris, Joe Crede, Michael Cuddyer, Ian Kinsler, Brandon Inge, Jordan Zimmermann.  There are more, but these are the ones I like the most.

Nick Punto Michael Jackson Music
Yes! Nick Punto's walk-up music right now is Thriller by the Gloved One. And It. Is. Awesome.

What Happeened to the Twin Girls with 1 Body?
Do you mean Abigail and Brittany Hensel?  The conjoined twins from Minnesota are alive and well and enjoying adulthood.  You can read more about them, and their organ distribution details, on their Wiki page here.

Jayson Werth Shirtless/Nick Swisher Shirtless
Ladies.....Come ON.  You have to be able to do better than that.

Jayson Werth is a little bit terrifying.  

I can only imagine that his picture day photo session went something like this:

"OK. Now let's try one where you stare blankly at the camera while trying to look as much like a serial killer as possible."


I'm not sure him going shirtless is going to improve things.

And as for Nick Swisher, there are plenty of creepy pics of him floating around the internet.  I bet we're all thinking of the exact same one right now.

Ew.  I'm going to go wash my hands now.  I feel dirty.


JS said...

I get 'Craig Breslow girlfriend' pretty regularly.

Waterboy23 said...

Thanks for the post Katie.... post - thats funny (makes me think Tiki - which makes me think of a bar on the ocean which make me happy - go rum punch) I had the privilege of meeting the Twins once - very nice girls. Salty is funny.

Heidi said...

1. Saltalamacchia is also one of the most fun baseball names to spell.
2. I once went through a brief phase last year where I thought Jayson Werth was attractive in a dirty hot sort of way. Then I realized that he really kind of looks more like a creeper/serial killer.
3. If that picture of nick swisher is what i think it is, it definitley haunts my nightmares.
4. The twins, Abby and Brittany, went to the same high school that I went to.
5. I feel your frustration of not being able to find Twins merch where you live. I live in northwest indiana, and all that is sold at sports stores here is Chicago stuff. Even in Minnesota you are usually able to find more than just Twins gear at Scheels. All I ask is that stores here carry one shirt from other teams so that poor, displaced fans, such as myself can feel not so left out.

CapitalBabs said...

I was glad that I had planned in advance to have copious amounts of margaritas on hand for that game - it was necessary.

There ARE a couple players I would like to see shirtless - and the recent visit by the Royals added DeJesus to that list (even if he does have chicken legs).

The one I was most surprised to notice is Kevin Slowey. Saw him in a t-shirt once and was pretty shocked. I would like to see him shirtless and see if the facts live up to the hints.

Robynn said...

I like the high socks as well.

Speaking of formerly conjoined Twins, looks like Loose Cannon I and II have been split up.

Katie said...

JS-I swear it isn't me :)

Yes...poor Carlos and Alexi. Torn apart at the hip.

But on the bright side....Matt Tolbert!

Waterboy23 said...

I'm excited !!! the return of Tolbert - about time. Sorry - just like the guy.

Katie said...

It's impossible to NOT like Matt Tolbert.