Monday, April 27, 2009

You know what we need? The Perfect Cheer.

Two out of three ain't bad.  Our team was very Meatloaf-y this weekend.  I'll take it.  

I was pretty proud of myself, actually.  I was working some major good-luck mojo on Friday and Saturday.  We are talking lucky clothes, lucky food, lucky chants and cheers.  I especially like my Kevin Slowey cheer:

Slowey, Slowey, He's my choice!
He talks more than all the boys! 

In an effort to do my part to break that Boston funk.  So I tried everything

But Sunday...I didn't have as much.  I did try to come up with a good luck cheer for Glen Perkins:

Glen Glen Perkins, his pitches are all workin'
He'll throw the ball and smoke 'em all
And keep us Twins fans smirkin' 

But it was really last minute, and I think the baseball gods could probably tell I was phoning it in.

And then we lost.  Coincidence?  Hopefully.  

I'm sorry Glen Perkins.  I will try harder next time. I promise.

And now the Rays are in town.  I'm bummed I can't make any of the games.  So everyone needs to cheer twice as loud for Jason Bartlett for me.  Deal?

And speaking of Jason Bartlett....

Awhile ago a commenter requested a top ten list of major league players, as ranked solely by Adorableness Quotient.  I decided to go one step better and have picked All-Stars of Adorableness rosters for the NL and AL.  The results are detailed in the latest Baseball Happy Hour.  I inadvertently left the Orioles out of the line-up.  An oversight, not intentional.  So, Adorable Orioles suggestions are welcome.  I hope they're the only team I left out.  I tried really hard to include everyone.  Even Oakland.


Mrs. Slowey said...

I'll even get ya a picture of Mr. Bartlett. I'm sure you miss him as much as I do...I'll also harass the bullpen lots tonight... :) look for pictures soon.

Heidi said...

Adorable Orioles: Nick Markakis! Brian Roberts isn't too bad- he has a cute dog.
Thank you for pointing out the ridiculousness of the hullabaloo over the absence of Joe Mauer. While my life has been a little dark and dreary without Joe and his sideburns; I have been wanting to yell at everyone on ESPN for saying that the Twins lack of being good at baseball lately is because of lack of Joe Mauer. Contrary to popular believe Joe Mauer is not the savior of the world and baseball!

Anonymous said...

I'm wearing my free Jason Batlett shirt as we speak.

Amanda said...

You know how I feel about Brian Roberts. He's your #1 AQ Oriole.

Jeremiah said...

I blame myself for the losses. I couldn't watch and didn't even think about Friday's and Saturday's games until they were over and we won. I listened to and watched parts of both Sunday's and today's games and, well... you know the rest.

Some days, I'm just not effective. Hopefully, when I go Wednesday and this weekend for the giveaways (come on free hat and Kirby bobble!) I will be wearing my lucky helmet, which is 2-0 on the season.

Word: Trabec
Southern dialect when someone isn't there, they tell you to "trabec later".
(little ode to Jeff Foxworthy)

JS said...

Aubrey Huff could be adorable.

Mrs. Slowey said...

I blame myself for Jason getting a home run and a hit last night...I think I cheered too loud.
Look for my new blog post today about my night...lots of stories...including what's in the Disney Princess bag, kind of gum they chew (bullpen), sunflower seeds and more!

Kim said...

Okay so I tried to cheer enough for all of us last night..but to no avail. It was ugly people.

I do question the need to boo Jason Bartlett though. I actually scolded the people in my section and told them Jason was a sacraficial lamb and it wasn't his fault he was traded. Jason showed his thanks by hitting one out of the park. Needless to say, I did not feel the love..but I still did not boo him. He's no AJ!!

Tonight should be better?

Heidi..they don't call Mauer Baby Jesus for nothing ;o)

Katie said...

There should be NO booing Jason Bartlett. That is ridiculous. I have written a little letter to Jason Bartlett that should clear everything up.

Heidi, I agree with everything you said about Mauer. He's good. Twins fans love him. But he doesn't make the weather in the Metrodome. We can be awesome and/or a little sucky with or without him. There are 25 men on the roster.

Good Adorable Orioles suggestions! Brian Roberts and Aubrey Huff (mostly for the name alone) were on my Adorable radar, but I forgot about Nick Markakis! I think the moral of the story here is that there should be butts in the seats when the Orioles come to town in August. There won't be...but there should be.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of cheers, I was looking ahead to when the Red Sox will be at the Dome, and thinking of things I could sa =y to obnoxious fans.

I came up with, "Shut your Boston Creme Pie-Hole!"

Anybody so inclined should feel free to use it.