Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Yeah, I'm pretty awesome."

I'd hate for blog posts to devolve into a series of "Hey, listen to this crazy dream I had..." stories.  Because I am fully aware that dream stories are only interesting to the person telling them., listen to this crazy dream I had!

Seriously. I think my subconscious mind predicted Joe Crede's awesomeness last night.  [It might have had something to do with the fact that I had watched Heroes right before bed, and it was about Angela Petrelli and her ability to dream the future.]

I had a dream about Joe Crede on Monday night.  The details are sketchy and ridiculous, it involves the assumption that every day all the baseball players have a pre-baseball meeting with Bud Selig that is suspiciously similar to the beginning of the day meetings we have at my place of employment, although I imagine that due to geographical logistics issues, this dream baseball meeting was done by teleconference.  Anyway, my dream occurred immediately after said baseball meeting.  I ran into Joe Crede when we were both sitting on my old high school's bleachers.  Joe Crede was laughing about funny text messages he got from other baseball players who were making fun of Bud Selig.  Joe Crede showed me the texts, to prove that they were funny.  And they were.  I laughed.  I wish I could remember some of them, actually, because they would come in handy when *I* need to make fun of Bud Selig.  

But the overwhelming theme of the dream seemed to be that Joe Crede was funnier/cooler than I thought he was.  I, naturally, pointed this out to him by telling him "You are much funnier and cooler than I though you were," [because I am always very direct and to the point in my dreamworld.] To which Joe Crede replied, "Yeah, I'm pretty awesome." But not in a cocky jerk way, more in an ironic funny way.  And that was the whole dream.

Yesterday morning I was telling someone about said dream, and they played along and asked "What do you think it means?" (I love my non-baseball friends.  I have no idea how they stand me 9 months out of the year.)

I explained that since the likelihood that I would literally bump into Joe Crede and he would show me funny text messages on his iPhone seemed pretty slim, that "I think it means that Joe Crede is going to be awesome at baseball tonight."

And lo, so it came to pass, just as the prophet had predicted.  Crede with the game-winner!  My subconscious is smart.

I thought maybe I could harness this new super-power to predict more baseball outcomes, or perhaps lottery numbers.  But alas, all I dreamt about last night was war crimes.  It was unpleasant and I hope that a) it has nothing to do with baseball and b) it doesn't come true in anyway.

In other news, since Saturdays are retro '82 uni days at the Dome, I suggest that everyone going to those games also wear something retro '80s  style.  We can make our own '80s day!  For this Saturday, I'm thinking about maybe my Go-Go's "Vacation" t-shirt under a Twins jersey, and depending on temperature and how bold I feel, maybe some leg warmers.  Haven't decided yet.  But I'm definitely doing something '80s.  Don't make me look weird all by my lonesome.  Join in the fun!  Let's make it a movement.  It'd be nice if the music guy would spin a lot of '80s tunes, but if Nick Punto is in the line-up we're pretty much guaranteed at least one bit of retro-appropriate music.  That's all we need.


JN said...

Yeah, he is pretty awesome - and ADORABLE to boot. He is my new baseball BF, but I am willing to share :) I have loved him since his homerun after the Air Supply song in Chicago. Doesn't take much does it?

Twayn said...

I'd go with the baby blue uniforms from the 80's, but that might be too retro.

k-bro said...

NO. WAY.!!! I, too, had a dream about Joe Crede Monday night. Really! I don't remember much about it -- no iPhones or even conversation. I just remember looking at his neck...up close. I can't even imagine what that could mean.

Katie said...

JN, nice Baseball BF choice. Crede is now responsible for my 2 favorite moments of the season thus far. Keep up the love because I think it's helping!

I love those baby blue unis too! Although, I suppose to protect the masculinity of our boys we should call it "powder blue." Because powder blue is marginally more manly.

k-bro...was Crede's neck awesome? Because that might be the common thread.

k-bro said...

ha ha. There was nothing at all wrong with it -- no zits or warts or anything like that. I do remember that it was bigger than I expected, but not in a fat way -- more of a strong way. I guess that's close to awesome.

I also remember that he had short hair, which is odd, because I kind of like his long-ish wavy hair.

Anonymous said...

OMG...this is so weird. I had a dream about Joe Crede on Monday night too. I wish I remembered more of it, but I know I woke up happy.

Katie said...

So, now the big question is:

Is Joe Crede mystically controlling our dreams, or is our collective dreaming of Joe Crede controlling Joe Crede and causing him to be awesome?

It's kind of a chicken/egg thing.