Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Well....at least it wasn't SNOWING....

At times like these, it's important to remember to count your blessings.  

That's what we did on the drive home.  It took us 'til Hudson to come up with a decent length list.  But here goes:

  • There wasn't a blizzard this year.  That was a major improvement.
  • We love the throwback uniforms.  Two Thumbs Up.  (Well, 1 and a half thumbs up....the red caps are a little distracting and disconcerting.)
  • Craig Breslow stepped up and had a pretty good first showing as a full-time Baseball Boyfriend.  He even made a brief cameo apprearance on the mound...which made me happy.  It didn't go real great baseball-wise, but I appreciate the effort.  I think he's been studying.
  • Mike Redmond took a lickin' and kept on tickin'.  We have the toughest catcher in the world.  There has to be some bragging rights in that.
  • There wasn't a blizzard.  Wait....no, I already counted that one.  That might be all we came up with.
I'm ashamed to admit this but there were a couple of times during the game I caught myself thinking "I am missing Morrissey for this."  So, here's the deal.  Anyone who went to Morrissey instead of the game needs to tell me that the show was awful.  Lie to me.  Although, seriously, if anyone went to Morrissey instead of the game, I'm pretty sure they're not reading this particular blog.  But, you get my point.  Someone could lie to me and just say they went to the Morrissey concert and that it was complete crap.  I'd be OK with that.

It's fair to say that I have some trust issues with Francisco Liriano.  Today didn't really help.  Honestly, he wouldn't have been our pick for Opening Day starter.  But, for some completely inexplicable reason, we don't get to make that call.  So, it is what it is.  Maybe this would have happened no matter what.  

I think maybe we had to lose today to boost the collective self-esteem of the Greater Seattle Metro Area.  Or maybe we had to lose so that I didn't feel obligated to eat disgusting Strawberry Cheesecake IttiBitz at every game (I was once again trying to find a lucky substitute for the MIA Magical Lucky Cotton Candy Milkshakes....Strawberry Cheesecake IttiBitz are NOT it. Trust me.  Blech).

But tomorrow....no more losing.  OK?  Tomorrow will be better.  I know it.

And in preparation for A More Awesome Tomorrow (my campaign slogan, should I ever decide to run for President), Those Girls do feel the necessity to point out that while some most players have earned a certain amount of unconditional love from Those Girls, the same is simply not true for everyone.  Fair or not, that's how it goes.  Joe Crede, we are talking to you.  We don't know you, except as the enemy.  We feel that we are perfectly within our rights to require some sort of proof positive that you are, in fact, worthy of our warm, glowing, and freakishly powerful baseball love. We are officially withholding said baseball love until you prove that you deserve it.  
Make it work.


Tyler Hurst said...

Seattle-ites have had a tough, tough sports year. Also, Ken Griffey, Jr. rocks. Glad he he could help entertain you.

Jeremiah said...

Unfortunately, when the ball got past Crede in that one instance, I wanted to scream "Punto would have made that play..." however, Punto missed too... so I had to come up with "Tolbert would have made that play" and he likely would have. Denard Span should have NOT caught the ball to give the first run an in. And Casilla... what the hell happened there?

Not all of the blame can be put on Liriano's shoulders... there were other factors at play. Some of the new guys are playing like new guys instead of like Twins. They need to remember which team they play for... the GREATEST TEAM IN ALL OF BASEBALL!

Tricia said...

Joe Crede totally needs to earn our love, and he definitely hasn't yet. I have faith that he will. He BETTER!

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

A friend of mine went to Morrissey and said it was just okay...not stellar, just okay. I was bummed to be missing out on the Ting Tings because they make me "shut up and dance." (Cheesy but true)

Are you going to the game tonight? I am still waiting to hear if I got tickets for it.

Doug said...

Believe it or not I did go to the Morrissey show last night (and though I was bummed to find out during the opening band's set via calling the hotline that the Gold Ticket had been found) I cannot tell a lie and therefore must confess that the show was quite good. Opened with "This Charming Man", played "How Soon Is Now?", "Death of a Disco Dancer", and "Ask Me". No "Suedehead" but the sound was good (and loud as hell) the light show was nice and the Mozz's voice was pretty good for a dude who'll turn 50 next month. Overall I'm glad that I didn't bail on it and scour more gullies in Lilydale Park.

Katie said...

Doug...I said LIE.

Now I feel bad. I love Morrissey.

I'm with you though. If I never see Lilydale again, it will be too soon.

S.Rail said...

The winning starts TODAY!

Their Red hats distracted them too much...thats why they lost, because Liriano did awe-sum.

Anonymous said...

Crede is making an effort in my book. Two great starting points:

high socks
Metallica as walk-up music

and he had some good moments in last night's game... or what I now choose to call "The Real Home Opener"


Anonymous said...

PS. new food on the Plaza... mexican fare!

Churros, burritos and tamales. So far I can say the churro was good. I plan to try the tamale this coming Monday


Anonymous said...

One more thought on the food...

Has anyone spied the Clubhouse Cookies? Two games in a row, and no sign of them! Have they gone the way of the CCMM? :(

In other CCMM news, Jamba Juice is now being offered on the plaza. I shall never drink one!


Katie said...

No clubhouse cookies?! What is this world coming to? I didn't see Embarrassed Looking Cookie Kid on Monday, but I assumed he just didn't come to No Man's Land.

This is an outrage.