Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Recap: "Oh, you know....strikes and gutters, ups and downs."

The post title is, obviously, from my favorite movie--The Big Lebowski.  If you're old enough to watch it and you haven't, I'm not sure we can be friends anymore.


It pretty much sums up the average Twins fan's weekend.  Strikes and gutters.  Ups and downs.  
Of course, to make it more baseball-centric, I should probably say "Strikes and balls.  Ups and downs."  

And I suppose, in the case of Saturday, I should ammend it further and say "Strikes and balls.  And balls.  And balls.  And balls.  And balls...."

Yeah, Saturday got a little brutal there.  

But Friday was fun.  So, let's go to our collective happy-place and think about Friday instead.  

Joe Crede, with that home run you have officially (at least for now) bought my love.  Welcome to the Twins family, Joe Crede.  Don't screw it up.

I should also probably point out that I am personally taking credit for a good chunk of that win.  I was feeling a little nervous about R.A. Dickey's first start.  I didn't know what to expect, which left me feeling a little powerless.  I had to do something to help.  I had to do my part.  So, around 6:30 I had had this brilliant idea that maybe all frozen Cotton Candy flavored concoctions hold similar magical properties to the now M.I.A Metrodome Plaza Cotton Candy Milkshake...and perhaps if I was able to down a Cotton Candy milkshake from Cold Stone Creamery before first pitch, everything would good and magical and victorious.  So I did.  I drank it too fast and got brain-freeze, but that seemed like a small price to pay.  

And look what happened!  MAGIC.  

I'm telling you.  The mystical win-making abilities of frozen Cotton Candy flavored treats are no joke.  

I do remember briefly thinking "I wonder if I should have saved 1/2 a lucky milkshake in the freezer for tomorrow?"  But I think that maybe the magic doesn't work if you don't finish it.  And I decided that due to the particularly high caloric nature of Cold Stone milkshakes, I really need to just save the magic for dire situations when we really need it.

Of course, mid-5th inning on Saturday started to feel pretty dang dire to me, and I cursed myself for not getting another stupid milkshake.  

The weekend kind of went downhill after that.  Here's a brief summary of my thoughts about Chicago: 
  • Alexei Ramirez seriously needs to eat something--Might I recommend a jumbo size milkshake from Cold Stone?  If he doesn't want a milkshake, I would hope that Bartolo Colon would give him some solid snacking advice.
  • I hate Jim Thome.  I hate him so much.  
  • Brent Lillibridge has got to be lying about his age.  There is no way he is 25.  Every time I saw him I wondered if he shouldn't maybe be studying for his 7th period Pre-Algebra exam instead of playing major league baseball.
Speaking of homework, I have some Required Reading for everyone:

  • Mike Redmond has his own little blurb in the current issue of ESPN The Magazine.  That's pretty sweet, at a time when it feels like the only Twins reference anyone in the sports universe is able to talk about is Joe Mauer and how the playoff hopes of Twins fans everywhere hang solely upon how quickly he recovers from his mystery injury. [Whatever. We know we're better than that.]  Cuddy and Nick Punto say nice things.  The article mentions naked batting practice.  Besides maybe 2 or 3 more column inches, what more could we ask for?  
  • Here's a nice piece which gives detailed directions for how to correctly use the magical restorative properties of the Malt Cup, in the event you did not eat preemptive lucky milkshakes.  (I'm starting to think that being a committed Twins fan requires having a strong stomach and a great cardio plan) --However, it must be noted that due to Blue Bunny taking over ice cream operations, it has yet to be determined if the new brand of Malt Cup will retain this power.
  • MLB Tweets: As Twitter continues to explode, you are seriously missing out on quality entertainment if you're not following the MLBers on Twitter.  
  • --For humorous pop-culture references and random thoughts (and frequent complaints about the existence of day games) you have the Rangers' C.J. Wilson (str8edgeracer): "I had this weird dream last night that a "nessie" type creature was grubbin on californians- so F'd. Had to scuba + jack bauer its ass
    --If you're feeling thoughtful and philosophical, Barry Zito (BarryZito) has the tweets for you: "As far as staying single, where does one draw the line between living with a closed heart vs working things out with yourself for awhile?"
    --Zito's teammate Brian Wilson (BrianWilson38) posts lots of random things, often pretty funny: "Happy Easter Twittertopians-something tells me we aren't doing an egg hunt on the bus."  Wilson also kept worried fans updated on the status of Joe Martinez via Twitter.
    --And of course if you need your Yankee transplant fix, you have Nick Swisher (NickSwisher) and CC Sabathia (CC_Sabathia).  They don't post very often, but I begrudgingly give them credit for being on there at all.  Nick posts things like "morning. I'm packing, having my coffee and heading to the park. Cant wait to get there."  And CC posts personal insights such as "feeling real good."
    It's a good time.  More and more players are showing up, but I haven't had a chance to read through all their stuff yet.  

    And, in optimistic happy news: 7 games at the Dome this week.  That is pretty sweet.  Grab a milkshake and go cheer wildly.


    Anonymous said...

    FYI: there is a Cold Stone in the upper level of Block E in downtown, Mpls... mere blocks from the Dome. Though I'd love to think these Cold Stone milkshakes are just as awesome, will it only stir memories of the beloved MIA CCMM?

    In his place on the Plaza in the new Mexican fare of which I previously spoke. Tonight is the night I sample the Tamales. We'll see what happens...


    Heidi said...

    was it just me or yesterday did the boys look like they had a rough saturday night? The lack of shaving was quite prevalent. Also, I don't know if you saw this on the Minnesota broadcast of Sunday's game, but in the Chicago broadcast there was definitely a point where A.J. was making choking/throw up motions at someone on the field. I will assume maybe Joey High Socks. At any rate, I don't appreciate that man.

    Heidi said...

    p.s. I call alexei ramirez "anorexi alexei" I really want to give him a cheeseburger everytime I see him.

    Katie said...

    I know it makes me kind of a traitor...but I still love A.J. When the FOX announcer made some comment about how "it seems like A.J. was never a Twin at all" I told them through the TV "Hey now. That was hurtful for no reason."

    But he's a jerk on the field. I know. *sigh*

    Anorexi Alexei is possibly the best nickname EVER.

    k-bro said...

    Yes, I like the nickname Anorexi Alexei too. Good one.

    Alicia said...

    I'm also not a big fan of Thome

    Katie said...

    Awww. I bet you're not! Do you guys already have a Jim Thome dart board? If not, it might have to be your xmas present from me. Stupid Jim Thome.

    Interesting fact, Jim Thome is generally rendered useless when Those Girls are physically present at games. We're a huge jinx on him for some reason. I call him the "Designated Misser." I might have to arrange travel to Chicago for games in the future.

    SARAH said...

    I like that I'm not the only one who thinks Alexei needs to eat! Last year we dubbed him "Manorexi".