Thursday, April 23, 2009


This Stupid Week in Baseball

Monday: No baseball
Tuesday: No baseball
Wednesday: Probably more baseball than we really wanted, and we're not going to talk about it.
Thursday: No baseball
Friday: Cleveland
Saturday: Cleveland
Sunday: Cleveland

At 4:3, our Baseball:No Baseball weekly ratio is dangerously approaching the Red Zone.  Has anyone checked the weather forecast for Cleveland?

In other news, the Brewers gave Jason Tyner to Detroit for free.  I choose to believe that this is Milwaukee's version of a stimulus package, because they feel sad for Detroit in this crappy economy, and NOT because they don't like Jason Tyner.  Good luck in AAA Toledo, Jason Tyner. Don't be sad, WE like you.


Jeremiah said...

The forecast for Cleveland says 70s and sunny for the weekend series.
Jason Tyner... poor kid. He's gonna feel so bad. We should send him a care package. Maybe a TC Bear doll?

Word: Proun
Pronoun has now been shortened by uneducated texters who don't actually know what a pronoun is to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think that the Boston Red Sox looked like Santa's elves last night?

Katie said...

Dustin Pedroia always looks like that :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Tyner update. He was/is my fave!