Thursday, April 2, 2009

See? It's not just ME.

Thanks to the ESPN: Play Ball with Amanda and Melissa podcast, the Adorableness Quotient statistic has gone global! [Next step: World Domination] 

Yes, in today's episode they credit my patented AQ stat with the reason Ian Kinsler was drafted ahead of Chase Utley in one of their women-only fantasy leagues.  

For the record, Ian Kinsler (a proud member of Team Awesome) does edge out Chase Utley in the AQ department.  Although Chase gets some AQ bonus points for swearing on TV at the Home Run Derby.  Entertaining me, in whatever way I see fit=Adorable  (my stats, my rules.)  

However...if you factor in the GABF (Good at Baseball Factor) to get the Total Awesomeness Rating (TAR), Chase Utley should probably be drafted ahead of Kinsler in pretty much any scenario.  

I say this as a Public Service Announcement to women fantasy players everywhere.  But, you what feels right to you.  I am a firm believer that fantasy baseball is more fun if you love your team with all your heart.  It also keeps you from abandoning them if things go south.  Let's face it.  Win or lose, it's just fun to say you own Ian Kinsler.  

Please note that I do rank Ian Kinsler ahead of Dustin Pedroia in each Those Girls statistical category.  Now, if only we could get Ian Kinsler a national tv ad for a video game.... 

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that apparently I am not the only person who is abnormally fond of Ian Kinsler and his high socks.  I feel validated. 

Unrelated Side Note:  This is another real conversation I had with my mother....

Mom: The Royals signed Sidney Ponson?!
Me: Yes.  
Mom: Why do teams keep giving him contracts?
Me: I have no idea.  I think hypnosis is involved.  

Wait...that wasn't actually totally unrelated.  Remember when the Rangers released Ponson because he said mean things to Ian Kinsler?  NO one puts Baby in the corner...
All roads lead to Ian Kinsler.  

And Dirty Dancing, apparently.

I have a feeling it's going to be a weird day.


Annelynn said...

Speaking of adorableness, have you had a chance to read Trevor Plouffe's new blog? I think you might love it.

Katie said...

Oh yes. I DO love it :)

Jeremiah said...

After months of research, it has been found that HypnoToad is in fact Sidney Ponson's agent!
Oddly enough, whenever HypnoToad goes on vacation, that's when Ponson gets released from his contracts. Coincidence? I think not!

S.Rail said...

WHY can't a national league sign Sidney! Now we are going to end up facing him many times this season, and I don't want to remember what happend last year

I agree with Annelynn, Trevor's blog is hillarious! He and Delmon young are too funny!

Jessica said...

I think it is awesome that you have actual stat names to help explain how us girls appreciate baseball. Guys love to throw things like that into their baseball conversations. So and so has a negative VORP. Oh yeah well Pedroia has a negative AQ.

Katie said...

Ugh...Pedroia definitely DOES have a negative AQ.

Anonymous said...

I too am abnormally fond of Ian Kinsler. I love him.