Friday, April 17, 2009

It's like boot-camp for baseball fans.

[OK.  So my carefully crafted stern talking-to didn't really help.  Time to try a different approach.  Let's try some unconditional loving support, with a sprinkle of "que sera, sera" attitude thrown in for good measure.]

Maybe this is a good thing.  Maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

Maybe all the losing is necessary to wash out all the lame fair-weather fans.  And then they will all sell their tickets super cheap on ebay and craigslist, so all the real fun will eventually be had by the true believers.

Like boot-camp for baseball fans.  We're currently in the unpleasant "do a lot of push-ups and get yelled at frequently" phase.  But once all the weak links have washed out, those of us who are left will get to do the cool firing the metaphorical rocket launchers.

I know.  It's kind of a stretch, as far as metaphors go.  Work with me.

Whatever the reason for the bad, bad losing, I say "bring it on." 

Those of us who weathered the Great Suck of the Mid to Late Nineties (And those who survived the Even Greater Suck of the Early Eighties) can take whatever the baseball gods throw at us, throw it back, and scoff "Eh. We've seen worse."

It's really early.  
I am not panicking.  
But the reason I am not panicking is not simply because it is early.  I am not panicking, because I realize that in the end, it won't really matter.  I will go to just as many games, regardless of win-loss record.  I will have just as much fun, regardless of final score.  It's what I do.  Clearly, I prefer [and encourage] the winning because it makes me happier.  But, you know...whatever.  

I think it's time for everyone, fans and team alike to get a little zen and relax.  

Repeat the mantra after me: It'll be better tomorrow.  

Even if it's not, at least Twins fans can sleep well at night knowing that our team is quantifiably the most adorable team in major league baseball.  The fans of the other struggling teams can't even say that much.  We need to count our blessings.

And hey, Liriano was really good tonight.  So....that's a baby step toward brighter days ahead.  One thing at a time, I guess.


Jeremiah said...

Meh... I've written enough in your blogs and e-mails (that you haven't responded to!) *shakes fist menacingly*
Anyway, keep it up.

Sultiver: Sultan Diver?

Jeremiah said...

Aww.. i had to comment again because the word was too awesome!

Bileump: The kind of ump that makes the bile come up because he makes such horrible calls. Like calling a certain Twin out at second base when he was clearly safe to two guys sitting in a booth 400 feet away and everyone in the stadium and watching on television!

Mh said...

Kevin Millar (yes really) hits a grand slam and my sister looks at me and says, well on the bright side they are getting their losing out of the way early.....

Anna said...

This is beautifully written...almost brings a tear to my eye.

MN said...

Well what can I say? I admire your optimism but I thi8nk the last time I had a positive opinion of anyone on the management side except Rick Anderson was mid 2003.

Katie said...

MN, you're definitely not alone. But there are dozens of blogs and columns devoted almost entirely to complaining and 2nd guessing. Not my style. At least baseball-wise. I LOVE to complain and 2nd guess about lots of other things. That much negativity would make any baseball season too long and too stressful for my taste. When it's not fun, I won't do it.

I wouldn't necessarily call it optimism (my expectations at the moment are not exactly HIGH)....more like intense love of team with a double dash of hope and a prayer.

Alicia said...

It makes me really sad when Twin's fans boo their own team. I realize it's not a whole lot of fun losing....but come on. At least things can only get better :) Hopefully

Katie said...

It makes me sad too. I have sat through a LOT of painful cringeworthy Twins flubs and losses in my life, and I have never even CONSIDERED booing my own team. It doesn't help anything...the players already know things are not good...and it would make my heart hurt.

[Word verification---Shrou: a shrew who got hooked on phonics]

Anonymous said...

Please be assured that if you hear booing from Sec. 224 after one of our boys is called out on strikes, WE are booing the CALL, not the PLAYER.


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