Monday, April 6, 2009

It's the beginning of the end of the world as we know it.

My thoughts upon waking up this morning:

"What time is it? Did my alarm not go off? I'm not tired enough.... Oh my god!"
"Oh. It's just 6am.  Stupid Gold Ticket has screwed up my sleep pattern."
"Oh well.  Baseball!"
"I love Opening Day!"
"Oh no! Today is my last Opening Day ever that will be both budget-friendly and warm/dry."
"I'm a little sad now."

Baseball helps overcome the sadness.  Still, it's a little melancholy.  I know everybody hates the Dome.  They complain loudly about it at pretty much every game I go to.  I don't care.  I love the Metrodome, in spite of it's faults.  I feel the same way about the Dome that a lot of older people felt about Metropolitan Stadium.  I saw my first game at the Dome.  Leaving the Dome behind is going to feel like leaving Kirby Puckett behind.  And the crazy overwhelming decibal level the Dome is capable of producing during playoff games will be no more.  Hubert's will no longer be the one convenient pre-game destination for our whole community of Twins Fans to gather.  

New is OK.  Cold for several months of the season, but OK I guess.  Assuming the economy doesn't prevent families from buying more expensive tickets, a whole new generation of tiny Twins fans will see their first games at Target Field and will think just as fondly of it.

But I hope everyone takes the time this season to appreciate the fact that there are a lot of good things about the Dome.  I know that I will be cherishing every last moment of climate-controled comfort this year.

Also, just a little added incentive to the team to win the World Series this year....this is the last chance for an October series that isn't so cold it makes you want to die.  Just a thought.

Anyway, Happy Opening Day!  See y'all at the Dome.


rob said...

I also love the Dome, for much the same reasons you mentioned (Kirby, warm in spring/fall, cool in summer, never wet, and getting blown out the door after games
). I'm glad to here that I am not alone in my dome-love!

Dru said...

I don't really love the dome. I will admit it. Having seen games in real ball parks, and the old Met - yeah, I don't love it. But it's history. It's our history, so I still have a freakish fondness for it and I have tickets to the final season game there. 2 World Series wins. I mean, say no more. It is what it is. Go Twins!

Anonymous said...

"Home is not merely four square walls, home is where affection calls"

That was a cheesy kitchen decoration in my friend's mom's kitchen in the 90's. It also happens to sum up my feelings about My Crappy Little Dome.

God bless the Metrodome, Kirby Puckett, Wally the Beerman, The Embarrassed Cookie Kid, the MIA Cotton Candy Milkshake Man, Those Girls, and my friends in Sec 224.


Jeremiah said...

Well, The Loon is probably going to be the destination next year... that or Brothers. I know there are a couple of closer places, but those are two of the best in the area (I think that's the right area)
I agree that it was sad, but fun even though we lost (I blame the flushing of the toilet... aka The Wave)

Kristina said...

I love the dome, too, especially on days when it's either a) freezing, b) 90 degrees with a dewpoint of 85, or c) pouring rain. So basically every month in Minnesota except September and maybe part of June.

I also love Dome Dogs. I love the blue seats. I even kind of love the astroturf. I definitely love the "whoosh" sound when you walk out the door... when I was a kid I would sometimes walk through multiple times just to hear the "whoosh."...dome, we will miss you.