Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If I were not a Twins fan, I would have longer fingernails.

I'm in a weird mood today, so here are just some random thoughts.

If I were not a Twins fan, life would be so dull and meaningless.  I would have much longer fingernails.  But I would have longer fingernails in a world that was dull and meaningless, and what fun is that?

Do you think baseball non-fans have any idea about how much fun they are missing out on?  

Corollary: Do you think they also have any idea about how much we mock them behind their backs?

Real baseball fans are so much more hardcore than football fans.  I mean, I love football too...but more as an accessory.  Football fans only really have to be on their toes once a week during a much shorter season.  Baseball fans have to have their game faces on almost every single day for 6-9 months depending on how much you like Spring Training and whether your team makes the playoffs.  

Last night, I was obviously nervous during the top of the 9th, when it came down to Justin in the bottom half, I was cool as a cucumber.  "I'm not worried, Justin's got this."  A big thank you to Justin Morneau for rewarding my faithfulness with some winning.  I thank you, Team Awesome thanks you.  Keep up the good work.

My friend and co-worker Erin is baby-stepping onto the Twins bandwagon.  She has even tentatively chosen Carlos Gomez to be her first Baseball Boyfriend.  Welcome, Erin :)


Waterboy23 said...

Fingernails are over rated.
Spring training is awesome.
Welcome Erin - but Gomez?

Heidi said...

I can understand where one would like Gomez as a baseball boyfriend. He talks to his bat and always runs to first base even if he walks...its cute!

Rachel said...

I too can understand Gomez as a baseball boyfriend. I saw the Twins play the Phillies at spring training this year and Gomez threw a tantrum in the tunnel after hitting into a double play. He's awfully adorable when he's pouting.

Katie said...

Fingernails ARE overrated. I'm happy having them November-March. That's good enough.

I have to agree with the girls...Go-Go is an OK starter-baseball-boyfriend. Built-in nickname, adorable, and a little over-eager to please. I will warn her to keep expectations a little low at the plate.

Jeremiah's Word Verification Game:
wrogne--what "wrong" looks like when it is spelled wrogne.

Jeremiah said...

nothing against Gomez either. Go-Go Gadget Gomez!
In other news... you're welcome for the win. My magic baseball helmet is now 3-0 during games I've worn it at the Dome.

The real test will be this weekend. Saturday is DQ cap night and the helmet may get jealous. Sunday depends on Saturday. If it gets jealous, it may not have forgiven me on Sunday.

cophorth: crap... got myself in a bind here, this one's difficult
What a guy with a lisp sounds like when describing a cop's horse!! YES! Take that Blogger!

Waterboy23 said...

Gomez = .195 average.

You'll fall for Neshek when he returns :-)

Jeremiah said...

Waterboy..... always naysaying. We don't want negativity here. Unless it's about the White Sox, Red Sox, Yankees or Sidney Ponson (oop, almost threw up just writing that)

Nearly all the Twins are adorable or have an adorableness. This site is rarely about averages, or RBI's or hits. Nick Punto has a .228 average, but he's still the greatest player EVER!
Nothing against Neshek, he's awesome, but allow a newbie to cultivate her own relationships without fear of being ostracized.

word: reverio
What a wizard/witch from Harry Potter says when they want you to bow down in reverence to them.

Waterboy23 said...

Little Nicky Punto is a superhero..
and thus untouchable..I guess I'm just more of a glass half empty guy. I'm a work in progress.

Katie said...

You know what would be awesome?

Boys arm-wrestling over the baseball boyfriend-worthiness of Carlos Gomez.

AWESOME. Just an idea.

Anonymous said...

This year's Yearbook says that Carlos is most afraid of ghosts. Of course he is!