Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Here's a random thought:

If today were next year, and it was a home gome, this girl would not be there.  Because, oddly enough, it is still cold in the midwest in late April.  Not a big fan of cold wind.

Of course, it might be raining in Boston tonight.  I'm not sure I can take 2 off-days plus a rain-out in one week.  The baseball gods need to be merciful.


Anonymous said...

Since when is 58 degrees cold?

Katie said...

Since I wrote this this morning. AND since games are played at night.

Anonymous said...

Are you familiar with Mills Fleet Farm?

They (and other similar stores) sell these little packs that are handwarmers. They work something like a Halloween (or rave) glow stick. Crack them, and they start warming. They are made for inserting into your gloves or boots.

That is my plan... plus a blanket, and my love will keep me warm.

In the meantime I've also saved that Summit Beer rain poncho I got at the State Fair 3 years ago.

Plus there's a whole Christmas left to ask for warm weather Twins merch/gear.


Kristina said...

...yeah it's still cold. 35 degrees cold actually.

I had that same thought earlier tonight and wondered if it made me a bad fan, but then I read your blog and I felt better knowing I was not alone.