Friday, April 17, 2009

And the faithful were rewarded.

See? I asked the team to try to be more like Ian Kinsler, and look what happens!?
Jason Kubel, you have done an excellent job of following directions. Gold star for you!
Guess who gets his very own kazoo parade of awesomeness now?

How nice was it to see Joe Nathan again, right? Wow, I've missed him.

Boy, I bet it sucked to be one of the people who left in the 7th inning.


Anonymous said...

THIS Girl... sat through that brutal 7th. And when they decided to walk Morney in the Eighth I said, "Go ahead, Kubes in hitting for the cycle and this way it will be a Grand Slam."

I love being right!


John Staton said...

Now Kubel needs a picture where he's holding a baby and an ice cream cone.

Mh said...

nice night to go to bed early....oh well I put my time in the night before...does the baby have the ice cream or does Jason?

S.Rail said...

I will never leave a game early after seeing last nights performance. (I have never left a game early as of today, because with the Twins, miracles DO happen) ;)

Heidi said...

praise jesus! they started winning games again.

Mrs. Slowey said...

It's the Kubel mojo...don't mess with it!
The pitchers acted like they were scared of Kubes yesterday...made me laugh.