Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thank Jeebus for the WBC.

Ugh.  This weather outside is giving me seriously bad flashbacks to a year ago...Opening Day.  Thank Jeebus for the World Baseball Classic giving us an extra week to try to muster up some decent weather. 

A while ago, Those Girls were making tentative plans for our Opening Day '09 festivities.  I asked "What time should we leave?"  The rest of the conversation went like this: 

Casey: Well, if it's not blizzarding, we should go early enough to watch the boys get to the Dome. 
Me: Yay! So, we should leave at, like, 10am.
Casey:  And if it IS blizzarding, it's going to take us 6 hours to get to the Dome.
Me: So, we should leave at, like, 10am.

I think we're going to leave around 10am.

It's very exciting.  It's less than a week away!  Once again this year, we have craptastic seats, but at least they're not GA cheap seats.  As we firmly established last season, Those Girls are simply not comfortable with the "Lord of the Flies"-like anarchy atmosphere of the GA Cheap Seats.  


Jeremiah said...

Apparently I just have nothing to do in the middle of the night except constantly check this sight to see if you've updated it and whether you have or not, to comment on it. BTW who is this Jeebus everyone keeps talking about?

And I do remember that promo... and I 100% agree that people are re-donk-ulous about those things. My favorites are the ones who buy tickets JUST to get the promo stuff and don't actually want to show up for the game or they buy extra tix just to get the stuff multiple times...

Also, can't believe it's officially less than 1 week to go! We've got our tix!

Anonymous said...

I am once again contending with the Ground Zero chaos that is GA on Opening Day... alas, it is the only way we all can sit together...

Last year there was a noon rally at the IDS Center courtyard on Opending Day as well... might be worth checking into. A saw Gardy, Harris and Tolbert there last year. You ever do the breakfast on the plaza thing?

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aprilzz said...

I am a cheap seat season ticket holder. As long as I avoid student night, it isn't too bad. I CAN'T wait for Target Field and my upgraded seats though!