Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spite is an excellent motivator

I saw a great Reds/Jays game today. 10 innings. Exciting. Interesting. Fun. I was feeling pretty good about it until I saw the Twins box-score. Stupid Ft. Lauderdale, so far away. I'd rather have seen that game.

During the game I got a headline txt alert about A-Rod's surgery tomorrow. For the first time, I felt super good about the Joe Crede signing. I like imagining how steamed Scott Boras is right now. If only he'd held out a few more weeks. I bet the Yankees would have had the checkbook out. ha ha! Spite is a wonderful motivator to like Crede more.

I talked to a very nice Cleveland Indians fan today. It made me feel warmer and fuzzier about Cleveland, actually. On the opposite side of the fan spectrum though, there were also some serious hecklers by me today. They were apparantly HUGE fans of Johnny Gomes. They yelled encouraging things at him, but were very nasty to every other first baseman...Reds and Jays, alike. It was annoying. The girl next to me explained it by saying, "Welcome to Reds baseball...." Oh well. Once again, I'm happy to be a Twins fan instead. The Reds players were all super nice though. And Jacque Jones was there. And Darnell McDonald. And Randy Ruiz was there with Toronto. It was like a little Twins reunion in a weird time-warp.


PatGLex said...

Well, that gives me some hope that it might be worth it to travel an hour north on I-75 to watch a Reds game. (Interestingly, all of my spring training concentration has been on the Twins, and zero on the Reds, which is the "local" team.) Guess I will have to pay more attention and maybe pick a local boyfriend.

Casey said...

Did Darnell McDonald make a pass at you?