Saturday, March 7, 2009

Speaking of the Amish...

My GPS got me lost in Sarasota (again) tonight as I was coming back here [I almost typed "home" instead of "here," but "home" is far away and cold] from Ft Myers, and I would up in a neighborhood I haven't been lost in yet. And the most amazing thing happened.

I saw a woman, in full amish dress, jogging.

I swear.

This is extremely significant to me because a long long time ago, I had a different, non-sporty, blog. And towards the end of its life-span, I wrote this post.

I actually saw a ton of Amish tonight. I'm calling that neighborhood "Amishtown." Sarasota is where the Amish vacation, if you didn't know. (Apparently this is common knowledge, but I just learned it.) But the woman jogging was by far the most intriguing.

I sort of feel like I was fated to see an Amish woman jogging. And now it has happened. Where do I go from here? What do I live for now?

Actually, between fulfilling my life-long dream of seeing an Amish woman jogging, and being stalkerishly close to Garrett Jones today and spying him shaking his groove thang during batting practice, I'm starting to get super paranoid that my plane home is going to crash, as two of my most important life goals have now been met. So, if I die, feel free to blame the Amish and Garrett's shaking booty for my untimely demise.

Um...speaking of Garrett Jones. As much as I hate when the Twins lose....I LOVE that Garrett got up in their business and made it hurt a little. It was satisfying. Although, I personally think that Garrett Jones mostly just does whatever I want him to do. I wanted to see him play yesterday and he played. I wanted him to come with the Pirates to Ft Myers today, and he did. I wanted to see him dance. So he danced. I sat by 1B, so I wanted him to get on base so I could see him some more. And he did. I wished for the same thing again. And he got on base again. Then, when I realized how badly the Twins were losing (I don't look much at the scoreboard down here....too many other lovely things to see), I said "Garrett, you can stop scoring now." And he did. Then, I thought "I wish he was playing 1B instead of RF," and just like that, he spent the 9th inning at 1B.

So, here goes....."Garrett, I really would like to see you earn a spot on the Pirates' roster." We'll see how that works.

Speaking of Pirates. I am a little bit in love with Neil Walker now. Because there were these guys by me who had their shirts off the whole game, which I don't like. dog and Diet Coke here! Don't sweat on me. (I think Target Field should have a rule that the only people who can take their shirts off are players, if they so choose.) He walked by and pretty much made fun of them to their faces, saw it entertained me and winked and smiled. Suddenly...Pirates in Interleague seems like such a much better idea.

Speaking of good ideas....Still time for the Twitter contest. The questions are: 1--between yesterday and today (3/6 and 3/7) how many runs has Garrett Jones scored (I think I am his lucky charm.) and 2--Why do I dislike R.A. Dickey's uniform number choice?

The second one isn't really trivia, I suppose. But you should be able to come up with a guess. I thought it'd be really easy, actually.

Using Twitter, type your answers as "@baseballhappy answersgohere" and submit. I have some spring training tchokes for the winner. If there is more than 1 correct answer by...say, 6pm CST tomorrow, I'll draw out of a hat.

Oh, and speaking of Garrett Jones is worth noting that in spite of my Garrett Jones frenzy these past two days, Garrett Jones--baseball boyfriend-wise, is actually the sole property of Casey. Because I traded away Exclusive Garrett Jones Potential Baseball Boyfriend Rights in exchange for Exclusive Nick Blackburn Potential Baseball Boyfriend Rights back in '07.

The trade didn't really work out that well for either of us. Garrett isn't on the team anymore, and Nick Blackburn is just popular enough now that I've sort of lost interest, baseball boyfriend-wise. Anyway, the point is....any fawning over, obsessive picture taking, etc was done solely so that Casey can live vicariously through me. Although, I guess it is also a little bit because he is very pretty, has been quite good at baseball these two games, and I am weak. Sorry Casey.


Casey said...

You're not weak. You have good taste and it's not like I discourage you for stalking him.
However, if you can control Garrett with your thoughts I’m going to need you to start throwing out the “Marry my dear friend Amanda” vibe. Seriously.

JS said...

Garrett Jones is easily the hottest visiting baseball player in Pawtucket. It's almost not fair.