Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ruminations... I Guess

Well, thank God Katie posted a re-cap for us today, because I really don't have much to say. I hung out with my dad all day today so had to temporarily un-glue myself from my computer. I looks from the box score like Slowey had 3 very good innings, so yey! for Kevin. Other than that, not too much.

However... in a weird way does anyone else really wish Jimmy Gobble played for the Twins now? So we could have Gobble and Gosling on our team? I think that would be awesome. Oh! and Span. Get it? Span? Like wing span? Yeah, probably one of those things that's only funny if you're me. (What if they all played for the Cardinals or one of the other bird teams? Okay I'll stop now.)

Really the only other thing to talk about is A-rod's injury and all that speculation, and really, who cares at this point? Interesting A-rod story though. My brother lives in Tampa and was apparently out to dinner for a friends birthday some time in the last week or so when his party realized that A-rod was sitting across the room from them having dinner with his family. They decided it was interesting enough to have seen him and decided to not disturb the family meal, but still that's pretty cool right?


Anonymous said...

only slightly off topic - I enjoyed this Pi Press article for the banter between the players:

It's about Nathan, my long time baseball boyfriend. About a month ago I said I might defect to Camp Baker, but then Nathan declared he had a sore shoulder and I felt guilty for thinking of abandoning him. So I'm going on the record as Standing By My Man, as my great name-sake has always advised!


Katie said...

I love the idea of a whole avian-themed team. Goose Gossage could be a coach. I'd even let Paul Byrd be involved, even though I hate him....just cuz his name fits so well.

tammy, way to stick by your guy. Although if Scotty looks sad at all tommorow, I will blame you a little. He probably got his hopes up.